Pro Wrestling Freedom CTRL+ALT+DEL Review


Pro Wrestling Freedom presents a Double Main Event as Gary Jay defends the PWF Heavyweight Title against Curt Stallion and Derek Neal defends the Tri-State title aganist Tyler Matrix. This event was held on Devember 8, 2017.

Logan James vs Shane Andrews

Main roster debut for Logan James and he had quite a good showing. Shane Andrews is a great hand to have on a show, especially when it comes to working with younger talent. They started off on the mat and James got to show off some his technical ability proving to me competent on the mat. They picked up the pace after some time which allowed James to shine a bit. Andrews also had a compelling heat and there was never dull a moment. James’ comebacks were well-placed and full of energy/ This was a very solid match with a good sense of pacing. The finish peaked at the right time with a climatic build. Good opener. ★★★¼

Lee Byford vs. Deonta Davis

Davis’ gimmick appears to have been inspired by Dude Love. Not sure what the gimmick is about other than wearing tie-dyed clothes. I’m not sure what the purpose of this match was but the action was dull and uninspiring for the most part. Davis’ comebacks lacked a certain fire probably because the heat just felt like it dragged. The finish appears to have been botched as Davis’ shoulder was up. They went to plan B which wasn’t really any much better than Plan A. Thankfully, this didn’t last long. ★

Cash Flo vs Joseph Schwartz

This was a fairly standard slugfest that mostly existed to further their feud. Personally, I didn’t care for it but objectively speaking the work here was solid and there’s nothing to complain about. Not a bad match but, at the same, nothing to really write home about. It served its place on the card.  ★★½

Teddy King vs Brett Ison

Another solid contest. Not to sound like a broken record, but it’s really hard to criticize or fault  a match that’s structurally sound. Sure, it lacked a few intangibles here and there to make it a great match; but within the context of the entire show, it was just another good match that kept the show going. Good pacing, good heat segment and well-timed comebacks kept it engaging and kept the momentum of the show rolling. ★★¾

The Top Guys (Adam Slade & Kevin Giza) vs The Carnies (Nicky Iggy & Kerry Awful)

This match is the definition of a sleeper hit. Despite the advertised attraction (double main event) this match, in my opinion, stole the show. The Top Guys started off with a hell of a shine that really set the tone for this match. Within the first few minutes , the action had already spilled to the outside. The Carnies would get the better of exchanges on the outside. Once they got back in the ring, the Carnies worked an extremely compelling heat segment. This was my first time seeing The Top Guys and I’m a huge fan of the Carnies, but I really wanted to see The Top Guys win. That’s how great of a job they did. The last few minutes of this match is just balls to the walls action. Essentially, it broke down into a tornado tag, fast-paced frenzy with lots of strikes, sick double teams moves and heart-stopping nearfalls. Definitely worth checking out. ★★★¾

PWF Heavyweight Title Match: Gary Jay (c) vs Curt Stallion

This was exactly what you would expect given the two names involved. Great display of technical skill from both men at the start and Stallion’s mannerisms and character work needs to be praised. After every exchange his facial expressions and body language told a story. For the most part this was a very compelling bout. There were a few moments of ‘dead air’ here and there,  but they always found a way to get back into the groove of things. Despite the moniker of ‘stiff’ Gary Jay is severely underrated in the striking department and Stallion’s strikes look devastating despite his lean build. This was a very good match that was extremely competitive with lots of fighting spirit. ★★★½

PWF Tri-State Title Match: Derek Neal (c) vs. Tyler Matrix

Two of the most underlooked wrestlers on the scene. These two can go and they absolutely proved in this match. The mat wrestling bits were smooth and everything they did flowed so well.  Derek Neal is just a mean son of a bitch who knows how to lay it in on his opponents. Tyler Matrix really knows how to fight from underneath. He just sells his ass off and knows how to take a beating. More importantly, he knows how to give one too. He had a ton of fire on his comeback and there were some really nice hope spots in here. There was some shenanigans near the end and I can’t complain about it because it helped told the story. Really good match and a very strong end to the show. ★★★½

This event is now streaming at Highspots Wrestling Network


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