Beyond Wrestling Cold Brew Review


Clocking in at just under two hours, Cold Brew makes for an easy watch thanks to its well-structured booking backed by top-botch performances from the wrestlers involved. This event was held on December 10, 2017.

David Starr vs WALTER

This was an incredible start to the show. They began with a crisp exchange of wrestling until WALTER eventually gained control. David Starr had to fight from underneath for the majority of this match and everything they did was engaging and compelling. Great story telling from both men. It was the typical ‘big man vs little man’ formula but with its own unique identity. Every time Starr would mount some offense, WALTER was there to cut him off at just the right time. Starr would eventually make a comeback and the action spilled to the outside. That’s when the match really kicked into higher gear. There were lots of strikes as they went back and forth for the second half. However, to Starr’s credit, he kept on selling and it never felt like WALTER’s work in the first half was completely blown-off for Starr to get his stuff in. They told a story throughout. The finishing sequence saw a ton of fire from Starr and he was just on the ball for every moment. By the time it ended, it peaked at just the right moment. Fantastic match . Definitely worth checking out and a low-tier Match of the Year candidate. ★★★★

Tournament For Tomorrow Round 2: Wheeler Yuta vs Mike Verna

Wheeler Yuta got the better of the opening exchanges with his very unique display of mat wrestling as well as lucha libre offense. For the most part, this was a very back and forth contest. There was never a dull moment and the action kept flowing. There were lots of believable nearfalls, making for some exciting kick-outs. It never felt like overkill despite the back and forth approach. It had a sense of pacing and they still took their time to go to the next spot or to take over.  Very good match and great showings from both men. ★★★½

Brian Milonas and Cam Zagami vs Anthony Greene and Brick Mastone (w/Mikey Webb)

I don’t think this went more than two minutes and it really existed to further whatever issue Mikey Webb has with Milonas and Zagami. It was entertaining though. N/R

American Gaijin (Rory Gulak and Jay Freddie) vs Amityville Project (Ryan Galeone and Rex Lawless)

This was a fairly decent match that was built off the altercation of the previous bout. The action is fine as there’s enough double team moves to keep this going. They took a tornado tag approach which added an element of excitement as the referee had a hard time getting things under control. It didn’t go long and I must applaud the well-planned and entertaining use of outside interference. Fun for what it was. ★★¾

Matt Riddle vs Martin Stone

Martin Stone has been killing it in Beyond wrestling and this match was no exception. This was exactly what you would expect- a straight up professional wrestling bout. Lots of exchanges, lots of strikes and tons of fighting spirit. This was a contest to see who the better man was. There’s no long, drawn-out heat segment or ‘fighting from underneath’ aspects. This was just take as much punishment as you can, until you spot an opening to give more than you took. I absolutely enjoyed it. A clinic from start to finish. ★★★¾

AR Fox and Austin Theory vs Zenshi and Brandon Watts

On paper this seemed like it would have been a wild encounter but these two teams never really managed to click. Sure, it had its fair share of high spots but outside of that they never quite seemed to find their rhythm.  A few sloppy moments and one major botch really hurt it. I was expecting more from Theory but he seemed like an afterthought. Bad night at the office. ★★½

Tournament for Tomorrow Round 2: Josh Briggs vs Ace Romero

If you plan on watching this show (which by the way you definitely should), do NOT sleep on this match! These two made every single minute they were given count. From the moment the bell rang, these two went to war as Romero almost put away Briggs in the first minute with a devastating piledriver. They went back and forth trading their biggest moves and their hardest strikes. The last few minutes of this match were rocking and I would really like to see these two in action again. This felt more like a highlight video of a really awesome twenty minute. A fairly short fiery sprint that rocked from start to finish. ★★★¼

Jon Silver vs Darby Allin

Great display of wrestling early on from Darby Allin who has really come into his own this year. I found that it lost a bit of steam once Silver got on offense but they managed to recoup the excitement towards the end. There was just something lacking to really take this to the next level. The finish was very good though and genuinely surprising. Allin really knows how to protect his moveset. Solid match.  ★★★¼

Keith Lee vs Joey Janela

Fast-paced action to start things off. It’s always hard for me to believe every time I type “fast-paced” in a Keith Lee match,  but it’s a testimony to how scary his athleticism his for a man his size. They traded lots of duck-downs, leap frogs and lucha rolls until Lee eventually knocked Janela silly on his ass. Lee would go on to dominate for a while but it wasn’t long until it got into a really nice back and forth rhythm. The longer this match went the more it shifted into higher gear. There were lots of great counters to slow the momentum down a bit; allowing for some time to breathe. These mostly consisted of Keith Lee catching Joey Janela and slamming onto whatever surface was nearvy. The last few minutes rocked and the finish was extremely hot. A few plodding moments here and there brought it down a notch, but nothing to really complain about. Great main event. ★★★¾

You can watch the Raw Footage of this event on the new home of Beyond Wrestling at Powerbomb TV

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