Women’s Wrestling Revolution Tournament for Tomorrow Review (Live)


Women’s Wrestling Revolution presented it live debut event on Powerbomb TV, Tournament for Tomorrow- a one night tournament. This event was held on November 26, 2017.

Sonya Strong vs Veda Scott

Not the strongest of starts to the show, but a very serviceable match nonetheless. Strong bullied Scott around for a bit until she eventually retaliated by mounting some punches on her. Things spilled to the outside where they slugged it out until Strong got the upper hand. From there it was your typical wrestling match with Strong dominating until Veda would make a comeback. A few sloppy moments and a bit of miscommunication brought this match down considerably. The finish was also sloppy. Still, it was enough to get by. ★★½

First Round Match: Skylar vs Jordynne Grace

They started off back and forth with Skylar showing off her agility until Grace stopped her momentum with a devastating spinebuser. Grace did a great job of staying on Skylar and Skylar had some well-timed comebacks. The finishing sequence was also cool. No complaints here. Good match. ★★★¼

First Round Match: Tasha Steelz vs Terra Calway 

This match was very lackluster. Calaway spent the majority of it on offense and Steelz’ comeback just lacked the excitement to tell the story they were going for. After a while, the direction they were going in became predictable and you can see the finish from a mile away. ★★

First Round Match: Karen Q vs Willow Nightingale

This was an extremely competitive bout. It was really back and forth as they traded strikes, tosses and slams. Lots of fighting spirit on display from both women. This match was a huge adrenaline rush from start to finish. They managed to strike a balance so it didn’t feel too ‘my turn, your turn’. They slowed down the pace at just the right time so you can appreciate the action. Definitely worth checking out and easily match of the night. ★★★½

First Round Match: Vanity vs Davienne

This was a decent match. It was a bit slow and plodding as Davienne spent most of the match on offense. Vanity had some good comebacks but overall this was a pretty forgettable match. ★★½

Non-Tournament Match: Alexis vs Jenny Rose

Another plodding match that felt like it was going nowhere. While the work is pretty solid, it just lacked any sort of real excitement to get behind it. It was a good showing for Rose but there’s no real reason to watch this again. ★★¼

Semi-Final #1: Jordynne Grace vs Tasha Steelz 

They started off with a great display of scientific wrestling. This match did a lot more for Steelz than her first. We got to see a lot more from her as she wrestled around with Grace. Steelz proved that she is a very talented and competent wrestler. Grace eventually took over, dominating her smaller opponent. Steelz fought back, this time, with a lot of fire and heart. Grace was always on top of her and was very aggressive in her cut-offs. The pace was very exciting in the final moments, really competitive and back and forth. Great match. ★★★½

Semi-Final #2: Karen Q vs Davienne

They started off with some really good back and forth wrestling but Davienne was able to use her size to thwart Karen’s efforts. This was a very solid match with Davienne dominating and Karen fighting back. It was always compelling and it never felt like it was dragging. I could have done without the shenanigans but I can see why they were necessary. Good match. ★★★¼

N.B. I have omitted the six woman tag from this review because I was distracted for the majority of it. Out of respect for the competitors involved,  it would be unfair for me to comment on a match I only caught glimpses of.

Non-Tournament Match: Deonna Purrazzo vs Madison Rayne

This match started off hot but it lost quite a bit of steam by the middle. At times, it felt a bit directionless and disengaging. The match was fairly short so it’s not like it had to be endured for a long time.  They picked back up towards the end but a sudden finish ended this match a bit prematurely. Decent match. ★★¾

Tournament for Tomorrow Finals: Jordynne Grace vs Davienne

This was a rock solid finals. They started off jockeying for positioning as they circled the ring in a lock-up. Both women are about the same in stature so it had a sense of ‘strong style’ as neither woman would budge. Davienne would gain control and she was just brutal on offense. However, she was no match for Grace’s fighting spirit. Grace fought back with a lot of heart, refusing to stay down. It made for some captivating storytelling. This was a very good end to a fun night of wrestling. ★★★¼

You can catch the replay of this event at Powerbomb TV


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