Women’s Wrestling Revolution Tournament for Tomorrow Pre-Game Review


Presented by Beyond Wrestling, the WWR pre-show is a fun-filled event that whets your appetite for the evening’s proceedings.

‘Hot Sauce’ Tracy Williams & Wheela Yuta vs Jonathan Gresham and MJF

Gresham and Yuta start off with a display of technical mastery. It broke my heart to see Gresham eventually have to start relying on underhanded tactics (thanks MJF), but it was a nice preview of what these two would be capable of in a singles meeting. This was a fairly short match that held my attention throughout. Gresham and MJF worked a great heat and Williams was fiery on the comeback. There’s nothing to complain about here.  Really good work and a great start to the pre-show. ★★★¼

Orange Cassidy vs John Silver

Beyond wrestling has a knack for putting together matches you’ll probably never see elsewhere. Talk about a complete contrast of styles. What really made this match work was the fact that neither man tried to played to the other’s style. Silver’s aggression was countered by Cassidy’s, well, whatever word you want to use to define’s Cassidy’s temperament. They had a really cool finishing stretch and this was just a fun match from start to finish. ★★★

Ace Romero vs Brian Milonas vs Kyle The Beast vs Josh Briggs

This is the perhaps the scariest match of the year. The amount of weight, size, strength and power involved in this match is crazy. Not to mention, these are four pretty agile big men. I always maintain the view that the key to these multi-men matches is to always keep the action going. Thankfully, there was always something going on in this match. The only time it stopped was when they needed us to breathe to let a big spot get over. You know, like when Brian Milonas dove off the top rope onto the floor. Yeah, that big. The finish stretch was also cool with all four men busting out a big move in a well coordinated sequence. Another fun and entertaining match. Briggs and Kyle The Beast were extremely impressive. ★★★¼

Nick Gage vs David Starr

David Starr doesn’t get enough credit in the deathmatch department. He borderlines on psychopath in this environment. They started off chain wrestling but it didn’t take long for this to get ultraviolent, as Starr sent Gage crashing into a barbed wire board. Within the first two minutes, Starr introduced the thumbtacks and they worked this entire match on a canvas covered in tacks. There was a staple gun trade-off which speaks to the level of psychopath these two men border on. At one point Starr was struggling to cut the barbed wire off one of the boards and it did slow the momentum down considerably. However, the wait was worth it as David Starr did the sickest thing imaginable with it. Subscribe to Powerbomb TV to find out what that was. This was an awesome main event. ★★★½



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