Powerbomb TV Wazzup Review


Dominic Garrini vs Wheeler Yuta

Very solid match between these two. Their styles meshed well as Garrini’s BJJ background allowed him to ground the more agile Yuta. Garrini had the upper hand for most of this match but it never felt like it was too unbalanced. Yuta had some well-timed comebacks and it made for a very compelling match. They had a competitive finishing sequence and, in the end, both men came out looking strong. Good opener. ★★★¼

Logan Easton LaRoux vs AJ Gray, Anthony Greene, and Razerhawk

This match was a blast from start to finish. The only competitor I was familiar with was AJ Gray but after their impressive showings, the remaining three are all on my radar. For the most part it was your typical multi-man formula. Everybody had their moments to shine, the action kept flowing and the cut-offs stopped the momentum when necessary to set up for the next spot. Honestly, it’s a formula that always entertains me so I can’t complain- especially when the moves that are worked into the equation are athletic, high-impact and jaw-dropping. Fun match. ★★★½

Laynie Luck vs Allie Kat

I’ve heard of Kat but this was my first time actually seeing her wrestle. This was my first time hearing about and seeing Luck, so I wasn’t too sure what to expect. The opening exchanges were a bit sloppy but there was a lot of heart to this match. They really gave it their all and put a lot of effort into it. Structurally, it was very sound. I like how Kat incorporates her character into her moves and Laynie Luck impressed me a lot. My reactions may be a bit mixed towards the match, but there were a lot more things that I enjoyed than I disliked. Despite a few sloppy moments here and there, this match made me a fan of both women instantly. Decent match. ★★¾

Tom Lawlor vs Maxwell Jacob Friedman

This match was a let down for me. MJF is the total package and Tom Lawlor can get it done in the ring. Unfortunately, I just couldn’t get into this match. These two had a really hard time clicking and a lot of the work felt like it was going nowhere. MJF’s character work was great, but it could have only carried him so far. There was a lot of dead air and it felt directionless at times. Great finish though. ★★½

Thick Boys (Jay Freddie & John Silver) vs Ugly Ducklings

Overall, this was a solid contest that suffered from being a bit overambitious at times. The Ugly Ducklings are perhaps the most underrated team going on the scene today. They have a unique look and are deceptively agile. Silver is just a beast and Freddie is a competent wrestler. So it’s no surprise that these two teams gelled. The positives in this match for me were the pacing, the build up to certain spots and their execution. In a nutshell, it was your typical chaotic indie tag spring. However, the unique offense of both teams gave it an identity. The only downside to this were some ‘way in over their heads’ ideas. One spot in particular is completely botched and it really hurt the momentum of the match. Still, there’s enough action in here to keep you satisfied and this was basically the tag team equivalent of the four way earlier. ★★★¼

Powerbomb TV Independent Championship: Jonathan Gresham (c) vs Nick Gage

I have no idea why this was contested under normal rules. Earlier in the night, Gage said that “we’re gonna get ultraviolent” and unless that meant powder and steel chairs- this match was the furthest thing from it. Now, I was not expecting it to be ultraviolent but I definitely think this match would have been a lot better had it been under No-DQ rules. The first half felt very plodding and directionless. Gresham got the upper hand after Stokely Hathaway threw powder into the eyes of Nick Gage. What followed was Gresham working over Gage’s arm for an eternity that led to nowhere. The last five minutes of this match felt like a snippet of what could have been. They fought through the crowd destroying damn near every chair in the way. I liked the finish but I don’t agree with, if that makes sense. They made the best out of their situation. ★★¾

You can catch the replay of this event, as well as many other events from many great promotions, at Powerbomb TV

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