CZW Night of Infamy (2017) Review


Headlined by it’s traditional Squared Circle of Sacrifice deathmatch, CZW’s Night of Infamy established Jimmy Lloyd and Brandon Kirk as the future of ultraviolence. This event also saw the crowning of a new CZW World Heavyweight Champion as well as Jimmy Jacobs’ return to the Combat Zone since being released from the WWE. This event was held on November 11, 2017.

Ace Romero vs JT Dunn

This was a decent match to start the show. It didn’t make the most noise, but it was loud enough to grab your attention. Romero spent the early portions tossing Dunn all over the arena. Dunn would eventually get the upper hand, having to rely on underhanded tactics in the form of aide from Josh Briggs. The pacing was good and it held my attention but they never managed to get out of second gear. Still, it was a very serviceable opener. ★★¾

Tim Donst vs. David Starr

The ‘two second man’ (in the ring, of course) versus the guy who’s been on a losing streak all year long. This was mostly a brawl and both men are very adaptive when it comes to this style of wrestling. There were a few moments of dead air, but for the most part this was a compelling bout. Steel chairs were utilized a couple of times which kept things from getting stale. I wished the finish could have had more impact given the outcome, but this was a solid match. ★★★¼

SWE Heavyweight Title: Space Monkey vs. Ethan Page (c)

This was a very good match that was made even more entertaining by the charismatic personalities involved. Ethan Page can be a goofball (or troll) in the ring, which is why he was able to mesh so well with a character like Space Monkey. Page’s intensity during his control segments were matched by Monkey’s exciting comebacks. This match didn’t go too long but it was fun while it lasted and the final moments made for some pretty neat sequences. ★★★½

Jimmy Jacobs vs. Sami Callihan

This was held under ‘old-school’ CZW Rules, which basically meant that anything goes and there had to be a decisive winner. I’m not sure how that differs from new school CZW rules. This was as much as carnage as you would expect from a No-DQ match. The star weapon was the steel chair.  They didn’t do anything too crazy,  but they definitely had their “holy shit” moments. The pacing was fine and action was always engaging. The finishing stretch was hot and I wasn’t expecting the outcome. Fun and wild match with a strong showing from Jacobs in his return. ★★★½

MJF vs. Dezmond Xavier

A very solid match between these two. The action was back and forth and they chose their spots carefully to shine. Very nice comeback sequences from Xavier and MJF was ruthless when on offense. It wasn’t very long but it was exciting while it lasted. I could have done without the shenanigans at the end, but I understand why they had to do it. I enjoyed it. ★★★¼

Beaver Boys (Alex Reynolds & John Silver) vs. The REP (Nate Carter & Dave McCall)

This is the first time the Beaver Boys have teamed together in CZW in two years. I must say, they were sorely missed. They started off hot and heavy as things broke down into a brawl from the moment the bell rang. The REP looked really good in this match and this is some of their best work. Honestly, this is the best match I’ve seen from them. Alex Reynolds was a great FIP and Silver was explosive on the comebacks. I would like to see a series between these two. I’m not sure if it would reach the heights of the Beaver Boys/4 Loco series from 2013, but there’s definitely some promise here. ★★★½

CZW World Title: Joe Gacy vs. Shane Strickland (c)

Shane Strickland has really come into his own this year and Gacy is doing the best work of his career right now. It’s only natural that these two would have gelled. Within the first two minutes, there was absolute carnage as chairs were scattered  all over the outside. These two were at each other’s throats from the very beginning. The shenanigans mid-way through the match kind hurt the momentum, but it needed be done considering the aftermath. There was a huge brawl between Gacy’s goons and the rest of the CZW locker room which enabled Gacy to get the win off the distraction. ★★★¼

POST MATCH Rickey Shane Page cashed in his Ultimate Opportunity Jackpot Medallion. Larry Legend attacked Gacy from behind as retribution for being DVD’d into a barbedwire board a few months ago. RSP won with a chokebreaker to become the new CZW World Champion.

Squared Circle of Sacrifice: Brandon Kirk vs. Jimmy Lloyd

If Jimmy Llyod ever reads this, I would like to apologize. There was a time when I just wasn’t convinced. But lately, he’s been converting me into a fan. After this match, I’m a full fledged Jimmy Lloyd mark. Not only did he prove he’s a great deathmatch wrestler, he proved that he is the guy to carry the deathmatch division in CZW. Let me also say that Brandon Kirk is a maniac. Without a doubt, these two are the future of CZW. They are the future of deathmatch wrestling.

What these two did reminded me a lot of what Sami Callihan and Danny Havoc at Cage of Death way back when. This was just two young, up and coming stars looking to etch their name in history. How did they do it? By putting on the absolute best Squared Circle of Sacrifice match ever.

This match was phenomenal from start to finish. Right off the bat they started slugging it out. It didn’t take long for the ultraviolence to begin as Kirk sent Lloyd crashing to the floor through the barbed wire rope. Everything they did felt meaningful. It wasn’t just violence for the sake of violence. They moved from spot to spot with such ease. There’s a natural flow to it. The longer the match went, the more they upped the violence. The gausset plate sequence was just sick, but in a good way. These two looked they had fought a war by the time it was over. There was one point where I thought that maybe they should have taken it home, but they proved me wrong and showed me why they should’t have. The finish to this match is absolutely crazy. How do you top being thrown off a scaffold into steel chairs, a bared wire board and a pane of glass? You’re going to have to watch to find out! Awesome match. ★★★★

You can catch the replay of this event at Highspots Wrestling Network

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