Pro Wrestling Freedom Primus (2017) Review


PWF’s one night tournament, Primus, turned out to be a night of great wrestling and surprise endings. This is hands down their best show all year. This event was held on November 10, 2017.

“The Real Deal” Derek Neal vs. “The Stiff Robo Ginger” Gary Jay

This match kicked things off with a bang. From the toll of the bell, these two were at each other’s throats trading strikes. The action never let up as it spilled to the outside very quickly. On the outside, things got pretty nasty as Neal powerbombed Jay onto the pole. Absolutely devastating. This was a vast improvement over their match a few shows ago. It didn’t go long but they made the most out of the time they were given.  The finish sort of came out of nowhere, but it’s perfectly understandable. Lots of energy and very exciting fast-paced action to get the ball rolling.  A great start to the show. ★★★¼

Joseph Schwartz vs. Cash Flo

Cash Flo is so damn awesome to watch in 2017. He can literally do no wrong. This was a pretty decent match. They kept it fairly simple, throwing the odd curve ball here and there. And by curve ball, I mean Cash Flo diving off the apron onto Schwartz. There’s nothing to really write home about, but it was a very serviceable match. ★★½

“Hot Fire” Myron Reed vs. Tyler Matrix

Myron Reed earned the moniker ‘Hot Fire’ within the first second of this match. Before the bell could sound, Reed ran into the ring and delivered a springboard cutter out of nowhere. I would have liked to see them get more out of the spot  (Reed didn’t go for the pin and Matrix shrugged if off almost instantly) but it definitely set the tone for the match. This was just two young guys going out there and proving themselves to the world. Fast-paced action, quick sequences, exciting near falls, extremely innovative offense from both men- wrestling in the 2020s seems to be shaping up pretty damn well. These two are definitely going places as they continue to broaden their horizons. Easily match of the night. I’m also going to go out on a limb and say that this could easily be a stand-out match at an event like BOLA.  ★★★¾

“Trigger” Trey Miguel vs. “The Bad Boy” Shane Andrews

My feelings are a bit mixed towards this match, but it’s leaning more towards the positive side. I’m not sure exactly what they were going for in the beginning. It was apparent by the end of it that Andrews was the heel, but nothing in the first half of this match indicated so. Forgiving that, it was a very damn good match nonetheless. Very technically sound with well-placed spots. There was some lighthearted humour added to the mix and kudos to both men for making the most out of their environment. Still, I just wish more character work would have been implemented in the early portions. That aside, I can’t complain about the action itself. I’ll just say the character stuff is a nitpick that only slightly impeded on my overall enjoyment. ★★★¼

“The Warhorse” Jake Parnell vs. Jason “The Gift” Kincaid

This was yet another rock solid contest. Parnell has really upped his game over the last year and Kincaid has been on a role since joining the EVOLVE roster. This was a good back and forth contest where both men were able to get over. It could have done with about five minutes shaven off. There were some moments where they lost my interest, but it wasn’t anything to the point where I was completely disengaged. To their credit, the last minute or so was very exciting so, in a way, it did warrant its duration. I really can’t say anything bad about this match from a wrestling standpoint. ★★★

Pro Wrestling Freedom Heavyweight Title Match: Chris Silvio vs. (C) “The Crown Jewel” Chase Owens

As part of the tournament, the title is on the line in every match that involves the champion. This was a pretty solid title defense from Owens. They started of really well but I found that they lost a bit of steam in the middle. Like the previous match, it went a bit longer than it needed to. They picked back up in the later half and I really liked the finish. Owens’ selling was also good and consistent throughout. I’m still not sure if he was selling or if he was actually hurt. Very convincing job if it’s a work. Still, it just felt like they never managed to get out of second gear. A bit disappointing as a standalone match, but for a tournament match it fitted very nicely into the overall pacing of the show. ★★★¼

Semi-Final Three Way Elimination #1: Gary Jay vs Shane Andrews vs Jason Kincaid

Like most one night tournaments, the semi-finals tend to be deliberately slowed down. You could tell that conservative efforts were being made. I wouldn’t say they held back, but things were on auto pilot for some time. They started off with an exchange of strikes as all three men formed a circle, taking turns to deliver some deadly blows. This match didn’t go too long and the order of eliminations was a genuine surprise. It relied more on storytelling. I always like when a tournament show has an overlying story arch. Nothing is worth re-watching, but once again, it just fits so nicely into the overall theme of the show. There’s a bigger picture here, so you really can’t just judge this match based on ‘workrate’. ★★½

POST MATCH Derek Neal assaults Gary Jay

Semi final #2: PWf Heavyweight Championship- Chase Owens (c) vs Tyler Matrix

The second time for the evening that Owens has to defend his title. Like I said, this tournament is heavily influenced by storytelling. This was a very good match with Chase Owens dominating the majority of this match. Every match in this tournament has had its own unique identity so far; no two matches have felt the same, which is very rare these days especially on a tournament event where everyone goes out and tries to steal the show. This was a very engaging and compelling match. Not once was I disinterested in Owens’ heat. He always stayed on top of Matrix, cutting him off just before he could make a full comeback. Matrix was great as the underdog babyface and there were moments where I really thought he had it won. This was one of my favorite matches of the night. Simple but effective storytelling. ★★★½

Primus Tournament Finals: PWF Heavyweight Championship- Chase Owens (c) vs Gary Jay

Let me reiterate for the millionth time, there is an overlying story-line arch here. To really appreciate this match, this entire show actually, you have to get into the story. And that story is the story of Gary Jay. PWF Owner, Jimmy Feltcher, came out to declare Owens the winner by default as Gary Jay was unable to compete after being assaulted by Neal. However, a wounded and determined Gary Jay came out to let us know that he wasn’t having any of  it. What proceeded was Chase Owens beating the living hell out of Jay for 10 minutes. Gary Jay had to pick his spots carefully, trying to make the most out of any opening he saw. It was damn near impossible to not root for him. Great action aided by superb storytelling made this match, not just a satisfying ending to the tournament but an amazing pay-off to end the night as well. ★★★¼

You can catch the replay of this event at Highspots Wrestling Network

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