Bar Wrestling 6: Head of Household Review

bar 6

The latest show from Bar Wrestling may not its best event, but there’s still enough gems that are worth checking out. This event was held on November 9, 2017.

B-Boy, Brody King & Eric Watts vs. Eli Everfly, Pinkie Sanchez & Super Panda

Only in Bar Wrestling can you find such a unique match. Some of the personalities are interesting to say the least. As you would come to expect from Bar Wrestling by now, the whole point of this match was just to have fun. It doesn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time it had its fill of “holy shit” moments. I personally found that it went way too long but, I guess, everyone had to earn their pay day. Fun match. ★★★

Tessa Blanchard vs. Xia Brookside

Blanchard was involved in one of my favourite women’s matches this year against Candice Le Rae at Bar Wrestling 4. Needless to say, this is also one of my favourite women’s matches of the year. This was a great match with both women showing off their technical prowess in the beginning. Blanchard eventually got the upper hand and she’s always intriguing to watch when on offense. This was my first time seeing Brookside and she impressed right off the bat. The pacing of this match was fantastic. It never felt like Blanchard was on offense for too long nor did it feel like Brookside came up too quickly. It peaked at just the right moment. They went back and forth for the last few minute and the action was engaging and thrilling. The only real gripe I have with it is the finish. It was a bit sudden but it’s easy to forgive given the work that preceded it. I would say the finish is just a small blemish that didn’t really hurt my enjoyment of the match one bit. An absolute gem. ★★★½

Jeff Cobb vs. Kevin Kross

I really wanted to like this match but they never managed to click. A lot of it felt routine and they had a hard time connecting the dots between points A and B. It felt like they were just doing moves in isolation with no real bigger picture in mind. Not the best work I’ve seen from either man. ★★

Extra Talented (Aaron Solow & Ricky Starks) vs. The World’s Cutest Tag Team (Candice LeRae & Joey Ryan)

This was as Joey Ryan as a Joey Ryan match u could get. It’s not going to be for everyone but I had some laughs. Of course, a lot of it is centred around Joey’s ‘manhood’ but the real focal point of it was the trunks of Ryan and Starks. Lots of butts and lots of lollipops. You either take it in good stride or you make a big deal out of a comedy match. The choice is yours. I’m going with the former. An entertaining ★★¾

Hot Young Briley vs. Kikutaro

Kikutaro is always a fun hand to have on a show but there are times where his act starts to spread itself a little too thin. When almost every match on the card is about having fun, then it’s kinda hard to differentiate them from each other. Both men performed their shticks but after the previous match, I kinda had my quota of ‘fun’ for the night. Decent match and it’s about as much as you would expect. ★★

HATE (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas) vs. Team Big Brother (Austin Matelson & Jessie Godderz)

Not a whole lot to this match. There’s nothing bad about it, but there’s nothing particularly outstanding about it either. Avalon and Rosas did a great job of being the annoying heels that they are, but the work here is the cookie-cutter tag team formula. That’s not to say it didn’t have its moments, but it just felt like it was stuck in second gear the entire time. Solid match. ★★¾

Brian Cage vs. Colt Cabana

Brian Cage’s work in Bar Wrestling is honestly some of his best work. This match was no different. Colt Cabana may be a funny guy, but his approach to comedy is more within the confines of a wrestling match as he borrows from the World of Sport Style. Basically, I did not feel like my ‘fun quota’ was being over-filled. Really solid mat wrestling in the first half and everything fed so well into each other. This match progressed very smoothly and had a natural flow. The finish was exciting and felt like it could have gone either way. Really nice sequence to end this match. The crowd was red-hot and I became unglued from my seat. Brian Cage in Bar Wrestling needs to be a compilation on its own. Very good main event. ★★★½

This event is available on DVD or Blu Ray at

You can catch the replay of this event at Highspots Wrestling Network

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