Wrestling Revolver: Tales From The Ring Review


A tag team ladder match main events the latest Wrestling Revolver show, Tales from the Ring, to crown the first ever Wrestling Revolver Tag Team champions. This event was held on October 28, 2017.

Brian Cage vs Shigehiro Irie

It’s always a treat having Irie in the U.S. (which he is quiet frequently) and Brian Cage was a very formidable opponent for him. My thoughts are a bit mixed towards this match. I did have fun watching it, but there were times where things just seemed like they weren’t clicking. There also appeared to be some communication issues which is to be expected given the language barrier. Still, it was a very fun and competitive match. Irie’s headbutts are just sick! Not a bad start to the show at all. ★★¾

Battle of the Sexes: Maxwell Jacob Friedman vs. Jessicka Havok

This was a great match and one of Havok’s best performances I have seen a while. She was really fired up in this match and it’s scary how good (great) MJF is for his age. This was hard-hitting, back and forth action from start to finish. These two had an amazing chemistry and fed off each other very naturally. Very competitive and compelling match. ★★★½

 Wrestling Revolver Open Invite Scramble Championship Match: Palmer © vs. Dave Crist vs. Myron Reed vs. Clayton Jackson vs. Curt Stallion vs. Ace Austin vs. Cole Radrick vs. “Man Scout” Jake Manning vs. Gary Jay vs. Johnny Ruckus vs. Jordan Len-X vs. Paco Gonzales vs. Tessa Blanchard

Independent wrestling has come too far in 2017 for there to be names like Jordan Len-X. I just felt like I needed to get that off my chest. As far as this match goes, it’s really hard to not have an entertaining multi-man match. Everyone got their shine in and the standouts were definitely Reed and Stallion. Stallion appears to have an alter ego from the Star Wars franchise and I absolutely loved his work here. It’s always nice to see a wrestler try new things and come out of his comfort zone. I think it paid off for him. There’s enough high spots to keep the action thrilling and there was never a really dull moment in this. I wasn’t too keen on the way they handled Blanchard’s booking, but hopefully something more meaningful comes out of it. Fun match despite the questionable booking. ★★★¼

Jason Cade vs. Ricochet

This was perhaps the biggest match of Cade’s career and I really wished I had better things to say. Cade is such a talented worker and has had a breakout year. Despite that, it still doesn’t feel like he’s on the meteoric rise that he should be given his performances. The biggest problem I had with this match is that it pretty much peaked in the first five minutes and lost all steam. There was a lot of dead air and it dragged a lot. They had a hard time finding a rhythm and as a result, the flow of this match suffered. A lot of the spots felt fragmented with no real transition. It felt like they had a bunch of ideas but they just didn’t know when and how to place it. I honestly feel like they would have done a much better job had they shaved off 10 minutes. For me, it was tough to sit through.  ★★½

IOWA Deathmatch: Ricky Shane Page vs. Alex Colon

Alex Colon has really earned his stripes as a deathmatch wrestler over the last year and Rickey Shane Page is one of the most underrated talents in any capacity. These are two of the very best at this style, so it’s no surprise that they had a show stealing performance. The early portions of this match felt like a pro wrestling contest within the confines of a deathmatch environment. The way they blended the two styles was a thing of beauty. There was one spot where they did a test of strength between two barbed wire boards, trying to lower the other onto it. Really wonderful psychology. This match also had a great pacing. Once they started to go all out, they used their weapons to their advantage. They told a story along every step of the way and at no point was I ever not engaged. This is one of my favourite matches of the year. ★★★¾

Daga vs AR Fox

They had the tough task of the following the previous match, but for the most part they handled it well. They took a while to find their rhythm but they were able to string together enough sequences to keep the action flowing. There’s nothing particularly memorable but it serviced the show. Solid match. ★★★

Jeff Cobb vs. Matt Riddle

This match was a bit underwhelimg to be honest. Like the previous bout, it took a while to get going but it never managed to quite hit a peak. It felt like they were just running through a list of their moves. For some strange reason, they couldn’t hold my interest. Maybe I’ve seen this match way too many times, and better versions of it. ★★¾

Jack Swagger vs Sami Callihan

This is my first time seeing Swagger since he debut on the indies. At first it was a bit weird seeing him abandon his singlet for basketball shorts, but it never hurts to experiment with a new look. As for the match, it was a fairly solid contest. The first half of this match was the typical Callihan-style sprint which Swagger adapted to pretty well. I wasn’t too invested in the action in the first half, but by the second half I was definitely hooked. They really switched gears and it made for some exciting sequences and near falls. A stagnant first half, but a very enjoyable second half. ★★★

Wrestling Revolver Tag Team Title Ladder Match: Worlds Cutest Tag Team vs. BESTies in the World vs. Zero Gravity vs. Chimera vs. Zachary Wentz/Trey Miguel

Crazy line-up for this match. A good mixture of well-established teams as well some really underlooked teams on the scene (Zero Gravity). Unfortunately, this match feel short of my expectations and was a bit underwhelming. Given the level of talent, I was expecting this to be an all-out crazy match. That wasn’t the case. A lot of it felt plodding and the finish fell extremely flat. It really didn’t feel like it was the proper pay-off to crown the first ever tag team champions. Still, there’s a decent amount of spots and crazy moments here and there to at least hold your attention. ★★★

You can catch the replay of this event at Highspots Wrestling Network

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