Bar Wrestling 5: This is Halloween Review

bar 5

Bar Wrestling returns with a Halloween themed event, featuring it’s wackiest line-up to date.  This event was held on October 12, 2017.

Ray Fenix vs Rocky Romery

This was a really awesome match to kick things off. There was a mixture of chain wrestling, brawling (on the outside) and, of course, high flying. These elements were all blended together so well; the action was very smooth as they transitioned effortlessly from spot to spot and switched styles. It didn’t feel fragmented. Everything just fed into each other really nicely. Very good match and I would definitely give this a re-watch. ★★★½

Taya Valkyrie vs Super Panda

This was a fairly decent match. At first, it seemed as if they were going the comedy route but Taya brought the fight to Panda. The match was serious but with a lighthearted tone. If anything, it served its purpose and was entertaining. ★★½

Brian Cage vs Luchasaurus 

On paper, I had absolutely no interest in this match. Of course, every time I have no interest in a match I end up marking out like a fan girl during that match. This was just red-hot action from start to finish. From the moment the bell rang, they started trading bicycle kicks and I was hooked instantly. They kept the fast-paced action throughout the match, slowing down at just the right moment to let all the awesomeness marinate. I was heavily engaged in the action and I felt as if I were part of the live crowd. I was with them along the way of every second. Every strike, every toss, every slam elicited some kind of response of out me. The nearfalls genuinely surprised me. There were some pretty badass sequences near the end as well. I’m not sure if these two have wrestled before, but they have an amazing chemistry. Easily match of the night. ★★★¾

Abyss and Rosemary vs World’s Cutest Tag Team

Joey Ryan can be hit or miss for me and, thankfully, he hits more than he misses. In this match, he was really on the ball and brought his ‘A’ game. I was laughing throughout this match. Seeing the likes of Rosemary and Abyss work this style (in their own unique way) is funny in itself. The slapstick comedy kept building and building, and it peaked at the right moment. You’re either going to like this match or hate it. I have no complaints. Highly entertaining. ★★★

Gangrel vs Willie Mack 

I haven’t seen Gangrel in, probably, over 15 years so I didn’t know what the hell to make of this match going in. I honestly thought Gangrel would have barely moved around and rely on character work more than moves to get over. Nothing could have been further from the truth. The first thing that jumped out at me was the incredible shape Gangrel is in. The guy’s a beast and looks like he would eat me for breakfast, spit me back out and eat my regurgitated pieces for lunch. As for the action, this match freaking rocked! It was a straight up hoss fight. They brawled through the crowd, they fought inside the ring and Gangrel showed off his agility with a beautiful elbow smash. It was in your face, raw and gritty action. Gangrel hasn’t lost a damn step in the ring.  Like Cage/Luchasaurus,I was heavily into this. The finish did fall a bit flat but who cares? This is a gem of a match that needs to be seen. ★★★¼

Heather Monroe, Laura James, Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas, and Hot Young Briley vs Funny Bone, Nurse Ratchet, Sage Sin, Sinn Bodhi, and Tyler Bateman

Perhaps the most WTF match you will ever see. Talk about two completely different teams. If you’re gonna do a show on Hallowen then Funny Bone, Nurse Ratchet, Sage Sin and  Sinn Bodhi are exactly who you need to book. Again, on paper, not much interest. In actuality, this match was just wild from beginning to end. They mixed some really lighthearted moments well with the more serious moments. It was elimination rules so they needed some breathing space here and there. The lighter moments were a nice added touch to keep things from getting stale. The start of this match is extremely hilarious but just how wild was this thing? Funny Bone did a double foot stomp off the top onto Ray Rosas who was held up like a crowd-surfer by Bone’s partners. Oh yeah and there was also a prostate exam as well as Michael Jackson’s ‘Thriller’. This is the kind of match that is synonymous with a Bar Wrestling main event. Enjoy it for what it is. ★★★

You can get this event on DVD or Blu Ray at

This event is now streaming at Highspots Wrestling Network


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