Pro Wrestling Freedom Turbulence Review

Pro Wrestling Freedom returns to reignite a feud dating back to its first event, last year, as Chase Owens faces Chip Day for the third time, with the PWF Title on the line. This event was held on October 13, 2017.

Shane Andrews vs. Cash Flo vs Teddy King

This was originally supposed to be Andrews vs Flo but King interjected himself into the match making it a triple threat. Some pretty standard work from all three men. There’s nothing really memorable about it, but it was fun while it lasted. A serviceable opener.  ★★¾

Three Way Dance: Maria James vs. Randi West vs. Jessie Bell

Some sloppy exchanges in the opening minute, but they quickly bounced back. All three women worked really hard in this match and the action got a bit nasty when it spilled to the outside. Jessie Bell took a suplex onto the concrete which made cringe. They really didn’t hold anything back. If there’s one nitpick I have, is that I wish they could have worked the falls count anywhere stipulation more. The action was mostly in front of the fans and they didn’t veer to other parts of the venue. While I understand that they were playing to the live crowd, there’s a wider audience they’re performing in front of for the Highspots Network. So, for the live crowd, it may have been difficult to follow the action had they venture off, but for the home audience it wouldn’t have been an issue. Still, really solid action from all three. ★★¾

Christian Rose vs. Tyler Matrix

When this match was announced I was excited as these are two of my favourites on the scene today. I’m very happy to report that this match did not disappoint one bit. This was exciting from start to finish. Lots of fast-paced action with back and forth sequences. Christian Rose is tremendously underrated and Tyler Matrix just needs that one big break in this business. The final minutes had me on the edge of my seat as the momentum continually shifted. The finish was a tad bit underwhelming but it’s understandable. This certainly won’t be the last time these two face off which is why I’m not beating up too much about it. Very good match. ★★★½

PWF Tag Team Title Match: The Hierarchy (C) vs. The Hooligans 

The Hooligans are one of the best tag teams on the scene today and I don’t think they truly get the credit they deserve. This match was all the Hooligans really and their style is just so much fun to watch. They wreaked havoc on the outside as they used just about every chair there was in the building. The problem with this match is that it ended just as it was about to kick into higher gear. It didn’t go long but it was a blast while it lasted. ★★¾

Casket Match: Lee Byford vs. Joseph Schwartz 

This was a solid match but I’m generally not a big fan of casket matches. It’s a gimmick that, in my opinion, is reserved  for and works best with a certain character involved. To their credit though, I got more and more invested in it as the match went along. While it wasn’t anything spectacular, I can’t think of anything that was bad either.  ★★¾

PWF Heavyweight Title Match: Chip Day (C) vs. Chase Owens

From the moment these two locked up, I knew this was gonna be special. Fantastic work from the get-go as Chip baited Owens into a headlock to start the match. The pacing of this match was phenomenal. Everything was well-timed and well-placed that they flowed effortlessly to the next spot or sequence. Strong character work from both men as well in between chain wrestling sequences. There’s a lot of fine details that I can write about alone to explain why this is a great match. However, the thing that really did it for me was the pacing. The longer this match went, the more drawn out it felt. And I don’t mean that it a bad way. What I mean, is that, you can feel the sense of struggle that this contest was. Every punch, every strike felt like it took a lot out of them. They conveyed that they were tired and on their last legs, delivering their blows with everything they had. As a result, when they did kick things into higher gear and entered fighting spirit mode, you got a legitimate sense of urgency. It really felt like they were putting everything they had into this one last rush of adrenaline rush. An incredible match that needs to be seen. ★★★★

This event is now streaming at Highspots Wrestling Network


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