Interview with Richard Evans

Meet Richard Evans, the 20 year old pro wrestler from Costa Rica. When I first saw highlights of his matches, he reminded of a young Adam Cole- if Adam Cole were a high flyer. With just over one year in the business, Richard wrestles well beyond his years and high flying offense is some of the smoothest I have ever seen. After interviewing him, he came off very humble and willing to learn. Richard’s goals in wrestling are as big as they come. He wants to be the first wrestler from Costa Rica to expand beyond the country’s borders. Richard definitely has all the tools in the world to make him a world class wrestler in years to come. I do hope that you enjoy reading this.

tttt Thank you for taking the time to do this interview. Let me just start off by saying that I think you are an incredibly talented wrestler and I’m glad to do this interview. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_nRE: Thank you man! Well I’m from Costa Rica, I started to wrestle like 1 and a half year ago. I have used this gimmick, “The 5 Stars Wrestler” since I began, because I’m always the best Match in the card (laughs)

tttt (laughs) And outside of wrestling, do you have any other hobbies or interests?


22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_nWell, I consider myself a huge nerd haha I love comics, I love sci-fi, I play a lot of video games. If I’m not watching wrestling the other sport that I really follow and like is futbol, or soccer if you will (laughs)

ttttWhat’s the last video game you played?


22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n Uncharted 4, which may sounds crazy because it came out like 3 years ago but I finally got last week, a lot of time avoiding spoilers (laughs)

ttttOh I only played it last year myself so it doesn’t sound crazy to me. But it is a masterpiece. So back to wrestling, were you always a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n I think I started with wrestling when I was 9, because of my cousins, since day one I was in love with it.



ttttWho were some of your favourite wrestlers?


22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_nShawn Michaels for sure was my favorite wrestler because even when I didn’t know too much about how to work a Match or whatever I identify with him, he wasn’t the biggest guy or the tallest. It made me believe that you didn’t have to be a tall muscular guy to make it. Also I love CM Punk (in his Straight Edge persona), Chris Jericho who was this dastardly Heel and Triple H.

tttt That’s an awesome list. So when did you decide that you wanted to be a wrestler? Was there a specific moment that made you say, “I want to try this one day”?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_nI always say I’m Wrestler because of Michaels vs Taker at WrestleMania 25. It was the first Match where I literally jumped out of my seat every 2 count (laughs) all about that match is perfect to me, but mostly the story they told, they made me believe it was real, they made me believe Shawn was as desperate to break the Streak as Taker was to keep it.

tttt That match is definitely a classic and I can relate to the emotion you felt watching it. So, how did you get involved in your local wrestling scene? Who were you trained by? What was training like? Tell our readers what the wrestling scene is like in Costa Rica

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n So I didn’t know there was a wrestling scene at all in Costa Rica ’til 3 years ago when I discover Costa Rica Wrestling Embassy (In that time called CMLL: Costa Rica) I finished high school and I started to train there. I was trained by Escualo, a really good Mexican wrestler, all our trainings were based in Lucha Libre style. I trained for like 6 months before I made my debut in of our shows. In that time we ran shows every 15 days. In general is great work for CWE but is also really limited, because unlike US, or UK, we don’t have any other good promotions to work. We haven’t had a guy who go and wrestle in other countries, which right now is my main goal.

ttttWell the goal of The Indy Hub is to give wrestlers such as yourself an avenue to get your name out there. I really hope I can assist you in that goal. Now I’ve noticed that within recent times, CWE has brought in some pretty notable names such as Zack Sabre Jr and Martyr Scurll. Did you get chance to pick their brains and learn from them?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_nThanks I hope so (laughs). Oh yeah, actually in the show where Zack wrestled, he saw my match and really like it, for a ZSJr fan like me that was one of my proudest moments in my short career (laughs)and with Marty I got the chance to talk with him after his Match and he gave me some advices after he saw my match, which was a pretty awesome moment for sure.

ttttWell I’m not Zack or Marty, so I don’t know how much it means coming from me. But as a fan of wrestling, I am really impressed with your work and even more impressed now that I’ve learned you’ve only been wrestling for a short time. Now you have a high flying based offense, is that something that comes naturally to you? Do you have a background in any sport that helped developed those abilities?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n Believe it also means a lot man thanks. Well to be honest with you, when I started I was super afraid of doing that kind of offense (laughs) I wanted to have a more technical offense, like ZSJ, but as I was progressing and starting to work in moves, I realized I was kinda good at it, then I began with the Moonsaults, probably my favorite move in all wrestling, it took me a while to try it (laughs) but now it’s something I do in pretty much every match. I would say it comes naturally because of my kind of body, I’m tall but no too much, I’m skinny but no too skinny (laughs) I guess it’s because of that because I didn’t have any background before wrestling, besides playing futbol (laughs)

ttttWell your high flying work is some of the best I have ever seen. It’s very smooth and accurate. So you’ve been wrestling for a little over a year now, if you had to choose one, what would you say is your best match to date? Preferably one that’s available online.

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n Well I would say the one I had at this year Anniversary event, against my teacher Escualo, it was a 2 out of 3 falls Match. If anyone want to check it out they can go here , where I have a bunch of highlight reels of my matches.

ttttDefinitely looking forward to seeing that match. Hope our readers take notice of it too. Now you mentioned that your goal is to get bookings outside of Costa Rica. What are some of the promotions that you would like to wrestle for one day?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n Well I’d love to work someday for ROH, PWG, WCPW, NJPW, The Crash… But I know that isn’t gonna happen right now (laughs) I’m a huge fan of the UK scene, I really wanna work there, I’m not gonna name every promotion (because they are a lot) but I’d love to make a tour there in some moment. Also I’ve seen some promotions in Spain that are really good, as in Australia, of course going to USA, right now the whole world has a great Indy scene and I’m looking forward to work in some of them. Making a childhood dream come true you may say (laughs)

ttttWell I wish you all the best man. I really do hope you can achieve your dream. I think you have all the talent in the world. One day your opportunity will come, it’s only a matter of time. How can our readers follow you?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_n Thank you man! And they can find me on Twitter , also they can find my matches over here:

ttttWell Richard that brings us to the end of the interview. I had a great time talking to you. Do you have any last words for our readers?

22711343_1598611746857878_1249381870_nMe too man! Thanks for giving me this platform and if you like my work or this interview go follow me on Twitter, big things coming next year. Again thanks a lot.

ttttNo problem. It was my pleasure. I wish you all the best in your career.



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