Interview with Richard Holliday

Yeah he’s one of the best out there. It set me up for my future completely, he covers every aspect of the business, from how to conduct yourself to how to perform in the ring. I wouldn’t trade my experience with him for anything.

some of us are consumers, others are producers. if you’re reading this then you’re definitely the former. what are you consuming you might ask? what product are you being sold? and who is your producer? look no further than the most marketable man: Richard Holliday. A two year pro, Richard is not just the most gifted man, but he is also the most educated man that the sport of pro wrestling has ever seen. Having obtained his bachelors degree in marketing, Richard is here to sell you his brand, and if you aren’t already sold, this interview will make you rush to the nearest events to see, what is soon to be, one of the most in demand wrestlers.

ttttThanks for taking the time to do this interview Richard. Can you tell our readers a little bit about yourself?

rhYou’re welcome. The readers should already know who I am, but to reiterate, my name is Richard Holliday and I’m The Most Marketable Man In Wrestling.


ttttAs the Most Marketable Man In Wrestling, what is your unique selling proposition?

rhI know what consumers want in 2017, hell, I already know what they’re gong to want in 2018. I am the complete package. Between my size, charisma, good looks, & athleticism I reach every demographic.

tttt Damn. The Most Marketable certainly isn’t just a gimmick. So were you always a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

rhI have a bachelor’s in Marketing, I’m educated in the department. I absolutely was always a fan of the business, always knew I can do it too. My earliest memory would have to be the attitude era just in a whole.

ttttDo you have a favourite moment in particular? Who was your favorite wrestler?

rhAnything involving Kane. He was my favorite.


ttttInteresting. So when did you decide to become a wrestler? Was there a specific moment where you could remember saying to yourself, “this is what I wanna do”?

rhI decided my sophomore year in college. I was playing Division 2 football and I knew football wasn’t a long term avenue and that professional wrestling was my calling.

ttttIt’s interesting to hear that you decides later on in life. Most of the people I interviewed decided they wanted to be a wrestler in high school. Was it at least at the back of your mind prior to college?

rhOf course it was but when you’re 8 years old you take what you say with a grain of salt. It’s always been my dream, anyone who knows me personally knows that.

ttttDid you train while you were in college or did you wait until you graduated?


rhI started training during my senior year of college


ttttDid it get in the way of studying? How hard was it to manage the two? And were you still playing football at the time?

rhFootball was over, I had transferred schools. Nothing gets in my way. I accomplish what I set my mind to, I wanted a degree and I got one. I wanted to become a pro wrestler and I became one.

tttt Great motivation. Now you were trained by Paul Roma right? What was that experience like?

rhYeah he’s one of the best out there. It set me up for my future completely, he covers every aspect of the business, from how to conduct yourself to how to perform in the ring. I wouldn’t trade my experience with him for anything.

ttttWhat would you say is the most important thing he has taught you? What is the one piece of advice you’ll never forget?

rhPsychology of the business. To limit it to one piece would be tough. Probably that you never know when you’ll need to pull something out, so learn everything.

ttttSound advice. Now let’s talk about your career. What year did you break into the business and how would you describe your progress thus far?

rhI broke in August of 2015, I didn’t do all too much in 2016 as I was just getting a feel. Then in 2017 companies started to realize how Marketable I am and now I work for numerous companies. I’m proud of my progress, but 2018 is poised to be the “breakout year”

ttttWell you’ve definitely been making a lot of noise lately. You recently wrestled AR Fox. Perhaps one of the biggest matches of your career thus far. How stoked were you for that match when you found out about it? Your thoughts on the match? Were you satisfied with the way it came out?

rhI knew the match help propel me to a new level, and it did. People have really taken notice, and I was excited only because I knew I’d get more consumer’s eyes on me. It was also my best match to date.

ttttWhat’s it like working with Fox? He’s absolutely one of the best right now. Could you give our readers (or your consumers) an insight into the process of putting the match together? How much input did you have in it?

rhFox is incredible, without a doubt a top of the line talent. He came into my market though. I’m the PAPW Heavyweight Champion, I’m the top guy there. And no, the consumers should remain consumers.

tttt(Laughs) Well, at least I tried to help them. Now, you mentioned that 2018 is going to be your breakout year and I can definitely see it happening. Earlier this year you were a part of Dojo Wars. Any plans to return to the Combat Zone? What are some of the promotions you’d like to work for in the next year?

rhI would totally be open to returning to CZW for a dojo war or a larger capacity in the future. I want to work for the best, because I know I would instantly add value to any promotion I’m a part of. Companies like Beyond, Limitless, & Pro Wrestling Magic are a few I think would benefit from a new Marketing Campaign, their consumers deserve that.

ttttDefinitely agree. Now, the consumers have been buzzing a lot lately. They keep asking me if I can confirm the rumours out there. Is Richard Holliday going to be a part of EVOLVE’s new talent initiative next week?

rhI can’t speak upon the new talent initiative. However, October 15th will be the Most Marketable event in Evolve’s storied history.

ttttI’ll let the consumers decipher that. So, you’re the current PAPW champ. What message do you have for those who dare to challenge you?

rhThere’s people who make it in this business, then there’s myself, who is tailor made for this business. I’m really good at what I do. I’m college educated. You can try and take it, but you probably won’t.

ttttStrong words from the champ. Is there anyone you’d like to call out? Who are some of your dream opponents you’d like to see try take the title away from you?

rhI want to face the best. I truly don’t care who. I’m not a “shake your hand” at the beginning of the match kinda guy, it’s just time the world knows how good I am.

ttttAnd with that being said, that brings me to my last question. What can consumers expect from Richard Holliday for the rest of 2017? What can they look forward to in 2018?

rhThey can expect a consumer driven experience. I’ll be at PAPW, Evolve, XWA, The Dynasty, NECW & a lot more are in the works. Just keep your eyes open and follow me on Twitter & Instagram @mostmarketable

ttttWell I hope the consumers are satisfied. Richard that brings us to the end of the interview. Once again thank you so much for doing this. 2017 has been a year of brand awareness and I wish you all the best in your career.


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