Interview with Curt Stallion

“I got thrown in the 8 man tag at the last minute. Sami hand-picked me out of 30 other guys for it. I was honored to be in it, honestly. The main event of the entire WrestleMania weekend. I showed up with one booking on Wednesday and it kept growing from there”

Meet “The Lone Star”, Curt Stallion. A student of Michael Elgin, Stallion has been making waves across the United States and Canada this year, having participated in ROH’s Top Prospect tournament as well as generating a lot of buzz over the Wrestlemania weekend. After seeing his show-stealing performance with Jason Cade at this year’s Scenic City Invitational, I immediately reached out to Curt to set up an interview.

Curt is hands down one of the most awesome guys I ever met. A true student of a the game, Curt’s story really began after he made a 1000 mile trip all by himself to train under the tutelage of Michael Elgin. In fact, Curt is such a student that, unbeknownst to me at the time, he was actually juggling training and doing this interview!

I had a blast talking to Curt as we discussed some of his most notable matches he had this year. He held nothing back and gave his honest opinions. Just who are some of the names he has worked with? Well, it’s a pretty extensive list but some of them include: Kyle O’Reilly, Matt Riddle and Shigiheiro Irie. I hope you enjoy reading this as much as I did conducting it.

ttttThanks for taking the time to do this interview Curt. Can you tell our readers a little about yourself?

CS I’m Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion from The Lone Star state of Texas. I like to beat people up in friendly (and sometimes not so friendly) pro wrestling matches.

tttt Straight to the point (laughs). Outside of wrestling, do you have any hobbies or interests?

CS I enjoy hiking, honestly. It’s a newfound hobby of mine as professional wrestling has consumed my life since I started. I play the occasional video game, here and there, but never on a daily basis. Finding new local restaurants is also a fun thing I like to do when I have the money (laughs). Other than that, it’s work, sleep, gym, eat, drive, and wrestle. And training, of course, which is where I am now. Elgin gave me permission to do this at the moment. (laughs)

ttttOh. Are you sure this is OK? Do you wanna do this  some other time? IH: I just don’t wanna be held responsible for you having to do 1000 squats

CS It’s totally fine!



ttttOK great! So, what’s the hardest trial you have ever hiked? Latest video game you played and can you recommend a good restaurant in the area?

CS Sunrise Cafe in St Louis is neat. I thoroughly enjoy having breakfast there. I’m not a hiking nut enough so yet to where I know the names of trails or anything, but roaming the mountains in Alabama was pretty brutal and spooky (laughs) And latest game I played was The Legend of Zelda: Breath of The Wild

ttttWell hopefully Sunrise Cafe thanks us for the free advertising (laughs). Now, onto the wrestling. Were you always a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

CS I remember seeing Billy Gunn on TV when I was young, but didn’t know who he was at the time. Then my mom walked in the room and told me not to watch that. That’s my earliest memory of wrestling. I didn’t get into it again until around 2003. HHH had just started putting Evolution together. I was loved everything about Randy Orton and wanted to be just like him, but my favorite guy to watch wrestle was definitely Benoit. Even as a kid. He just made it look real to me.

ttttDid you at least tried to sneak and hide to watch it? Or were you an obedient Stallion?

CS I never thought about it again because that was my first time to see it. I was too in love with Ninja Turtles and Power Rangers to care anyhow.

tttt(laughs) Noted. So when did you decide to become a wrestler? Is there a specific moment that you remember saying “this is what I wanna do”?

CS Watching WrestleMania 20 on TV. That was it for me.



ttttAny match in particular? Or was it just the entire event that did it for you?



CS The entire event, honestly. I remember saying to my friends after the show “That’s going to be me someday” and being chuckled at by them.

tttt(laughs) I bet they don’t chuckle at you now. So when did you decide to train? Has Elgin always been your trainer?

CS I started in Texas and from there moved up to St Louis to further my training after I had attended a week long camp with Elgin. I drove 1000 miles by myself to do this camp and I’d learned more in one week than I had in an entire year in Texas.

ttttWow. So what separates Elgin from the others who have trained you? Obviously he has a  ton of international experience, but what’s his approach to training like? How does it differ from what your previous experiences were like? And what did you learn from him that hadn’t been taught elsewhere?

CSI’m not allowed to go into specifics, but I can assure you his methods of teaching are more intricate than most others. On top of his vast knowledge on the ins and outs of pro wrestling, Elgin puts time and focus into each individual student.

ttttThat’s understandable. Well, whatever he is doing it is definitely working. The students he has produced have been making a lot noise on the scene lately, yourself included. Now, you’ve had a break out year this year. There’s so much we can talk about. How about we start with ROH? You were in the top prospect tournament this year. Your thoughts on your performances?

CS I hated my first top prospect match because the guy I worked with wasn’t happy he was losing. My second match was fun and in Hammerstein Ballroom, of all places. I really enjoy every experience I have with ROH. They’re always teaching me something new.

ttttInteresting. It’s hard to imagine in 2017 people take winning and losing so seriously. Are you working towards becoming a full time member of the roster? Is that a goal of yours?

CSI think it should be a goal of anyone in the biz to want to be a part of such a prestigious roster. My main goal in Japan right now though.

ttttWell I definitely you’re on the right track. Any promotion in particular in Japan? I know NJPW is pretty much everyone’s goal but are there any other promotions you have given thought to?

CSAnywhere in Japan, honestly (laughs). I just love the culture and want to be there. I know their talent work extremely hard and I want to be a part of that.

ttttI can see your style fitting in over there. Now, you also made a lot of noise for Wrestlemania weekend this year. Your thoughts on the entire weekend? Especially that 8 man tag.

CSI got thrown in the 8 man tag at the last minute. Sami hand-picked me out of 30 other guys for it. I was honored to be in it, honestly. The main event of the entire WrestleMania weekend. I showed up with one booking on Wednesday and it kept growing from there. I even did a camp with Tommy Dreamer and Bubba Ray Dudley where I worked with a luchador from Mexico known as Crazy Boy. We had the best match and I was selected for a future House of Hardcore booking. It was a very eventful trip for me.

ttttAwesome! What an amazing story. Definitely looking forward to seeing you in HOH. Now, I can’t talk about your 2017 without talking about the Scenic this year. I sang your praises in my review. In my opinion, you stole the entire weekend. You had that fantastic match with Jason’s Cade which was the best match of the tournament, outside of the finals. Your thoughts? What was it like putting that match together? Did you and Cade expect it to come out so well?

CSI knew going into it with Cade that we would be able to have something special. I didn’t expect it to come off to some as the best match of the weekend, but I appreciate the compliment. The entire weekend was rough on my body. Arik Royal really brought it too. My favorite part was mine and Riddles exchange though. That was a moment I’ve wanted for a while with him and can’t wait until we get to go one on one.

ttttOh yes. Those chops. What did they feel like? It was pretty brutal to watch.


CSThey hurt (laughs)



tttt(laughs)  As far as the finals go, what’s it like putting a together those kind of matches where four people are involved? Do you find it more difficult than a singles?

CS I don’t like multiman matches because someone always has to get all their shit in and I hate that, but the 4 way itself was really fun. We had a blast.

ttttOh definitely. It was great from start to finish. I really hope one day we get to see you and Riddle in singles action. Now, before we wrap up, we have to talk about Glory Pro. You’ve had a lot of amazing opportunities working for Elgin’s promotion. Let’s start with Shigiheiro Irie. How stoked were you for that match?

CSI was beyond stoked. He was so much fun to work with and I still hold that match with him on a pedestal compared to most of my others. Irie is the real deal.

tttt He really is. I can’t help but feel he is a giant teddy bear outside the ring. Can you confirm? Also what’s it’s like putting together a match with someone who doesn’t speak English as a first language?

CSHe is! He’s such a sweetheart. I love that about him. Putting the match together was hard, but definitely a good learning experience for me.

ttttHow much of it was done on the fly?


CS At least 50%



ttttI’d imagine the probability of miscommunication is high. Is it the sort of thing where you just go by instinct?

CSAbsolutely. It was intense from start to finish.



ttttI can imagine. You also wrestled Kyle O’Reilly and Sami Callihan, thoughts on those matches?

CSAll matches I loved having and learned a lot from. Those guys are where they are for a reason and hopefully I can take what I learned from them to help myself someday reach their level.

ttttWell I definitely think you’re on the way there. 2017 has been a great year for you and I can only see you going up. Now you’ll be making your return to AAW for the Jim Lynam Tournament. You’ll be facing ACH in the first round. You guys have wrestled in the past. So are you ready to show the AAW crowd what Curt Stallion is fully capable of?

CSThey have no idea what they’re about to get at AAW. I always bring my A game, this will be my A ++ game. (laughs) I’m stoked to show everyone their what Stallion is all about.

ttttWell I’m definitely looking forward to a stellar performance from you two. Really quickly, Curt, I know have kept you back a while now, what can we expect from Curt Stallion for the rest of 2017?

CSExpect the unexpected.



ttttNice. Well Curt that pretty much brings us to the end of this interview. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this. Is there anything you’d like to plug? Closing comments?

CSKeep up with me on Twitter at @Curtstallion and on Facebook at Curt “The Lone Star” Stallion for any and all updates regarding my career. That’s about it, boss.

ttttAwesome. Once again Curt, I really appreciate you doing this. I wish you all the best in your career as well as personal life.

CSThanks for having me, man. I enjoyed it.




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