Black Label Pro Wrestling The Darkest Timeline Tournament- Phase 1 Review


Clocking in at just under two hours, Black Label Pro’s debut event makes for an easy watch. Boasting an impressive line-up, this one-night tournament turned out to be an exciting night of pro wrestling with a stellar match between former combatants in the Octagon, Matt Riddle and Tom Lawlor. This event was held on September 23, 2017.

The Darkest Timeline Tournament – First Round: B-Boy vs Kevin Lee Davidson vs Simon Grimm vs Space Monkey

Some lighthearted and humorous action to start the show. Space Monkey is such a lovable character and is always enjoyable to watch. This match had a really nice flow. Everything just fit so well together. They were able to set up spots in a way that always kept the action going. I have no complaints. This was a perfectly acceptable opener. It didn’t go too long but it was fun while it lasted. Good match. ★★★

The Darkest Timeline Tournament – First Round: Dasher Hatfield vs Joe Gacy vs Mordecai

Another good match. This time, a bit more psychology was employed. Gacy and Mordecai spent a significant portion of this match ganging up on Hatfield. Obviously, there came a point where that alliance had to end and things got pretty heated. Hatfield’s comebacks were so well-timed that I actually had the enjoyment levels of a six year old kid in a John Cena match. I really liked this and it’s not often you see such a methodical approach in multi-man matches these days. ★★★¼

The Darkest Timeline Tournament – First Round: Keith Lee vs Sammy Guevara

This match left me a bit confused. At first it seemed as if Keith Lee was playing the heel role more, but near the end Guevara sort of took over the role. Character work aside, the action was very satisfying. The beginning was hilarious but business started to pick up when Guevara unleashed a flurry of offense on Lee. Lee did, however, gain control of the match and spent a significant portion of the match on offense. It did drag a bit but luckily it picked just when it started to really get weary. I could have also done without the shenanigans near the end. Solid match but some questionable booking decisions hurt it. ★★★

Ernest “The Cat” Miller vs Ethan Page

This was rather interesting to say the least. Ok, honestly, this is the kind of match that is fun for the live crowd but for the home audience it really doens’t add much to the viewing experience. This match really had no purpose. Oh well, it only lasted one minute. N/R

The Darkest Timeline Tournament – First Round: Matt Riddle vs Tom Lawlor

I’m saying it now: buy the DVD, download the MP4, check out Powerbomb TV- just go watch this match. It may not be for everyone but if you’re a fan of the art of grappling, you owe it to yourself to see this match. The mat wrestling portions were a thing of beauty. It was gritty, it was competitive, it was scientific- it was a perfect mixture of MMA and pro wrestling (the entire match was really). It eventually broke down to the fast-paced, strike battle that Riddle excels and Lawlor proved that he belongs in the squared-circle as much as the Octagon. My only problem with this match is that I wish it went longer. I’m done talking, go watch this match. ★★★¾

The Darkest Timeline Tournament – First Round: Dominic Garrini vs Donovan Danhausen vs GPA vs Leva Bates vs Rory Gulak

This did not feel like a tournament match at all. Still, it was a nice needed change of pace after the previous match. It probably clocked in at the five minute mark and it was mostly a comedic routine. Nonetheless, it entertained me. ★★½

The Darkest Timeline Tournament – First Round: Darby Allin vs Super Crazy

I’m not sure where Super Crazy resurfaced from, but he killed it with Lio Rush a few months ago. Likewise, he tore it up with Darby Allin. Super Crazy can go and he hasn’t lost a step at all. Allin has really upped his ground game within recent time and his lucha based offense adds a unique touch to his scientific work. This was a good match that slightly missed the mark because of time limitations. This ended way too prematurely. It ended right when it was kicking into higher gear. Still, great work from both men in terms of pacing and structure. ★★★

Everett Connors vs The Sandman

Again, only the live crowd got their $10 worth. This one only lasted 30 seconds. N/R

The Darkest Timeline Tournament Semi-Final

Even though it’s the semi-final, the winner actually won the tournament (I believe). I was a bit confused when I saw that there was only ten minutes left, but the seven men involved really made the most out of it. They took a very interesting route for the first few eliminations. I actually liked the approach. It’s not often you see it, especially in a tournament semi-finals/finals. It was a fun while it lasted but there wasn’t anything really outstanding about it. The final moments were exciting but that’s about. Still, I enjoyed it and found that it was a satisfying end to an enjoyable night of wrestling. 

You can catch the replay of this event at Powerbomb TV

Also available on DVD from Smart Mark Video

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