Pro Wrestling Freedom False Profit Review


A crazy main event and an Under The Radar gem highlights this show from Pro Wrestling Freedom. This event was held on September 8, 2017.

Myron Reed vs Matt Kenway

Myron Reed has been blowing up lately and this was one of the few times I’ve seen his work. Every time I see him he just keeps getting better and better. This was a pretty solid opening match. You can tell that these are two hungry kids looking to make a name for themselves.  I would have liked to see a more compelling heat segment, as I found Myron dominated a bit too much, but overall this was a pretty damn good start to the show. I wouldn’t say it hurt Kenway, but Reed was definitely the more memorable of the two. ★★★

Bomb Shelter (Joseph Schwartz & Randi West) vs Slade Porter & Justin D’air

Honestly, this was a sloppy mess from start to finish. No idea who Porter and D’air are but they kept slipping up in this match. There were way too many awkward moments and you could clearly see that they were covering up as they went along. Schwartz also had zero fire on the hot tag and the whole thing was deflated. It’s such a shame too because Randi West was on fire in this match. She did a great job of building to the hot tag but Schwartz’s lack of enthusiasm really killed it. It clearly was a bad night at the office. Unfortunately, West’s amazing work couldn’t save this mess. ½★

PWF Tri-State Title: Derek Neal (c) vs Gary Jay

This was a decent match. It wasn’t bad but it wasn’t anything remarkable either. It had the generic title match formula, but it lacked any sort of real identity to make it stand out. It felt like a paint by the numbers kind of match. Solid action but I feel like I’ve seen this match about a thousand times already. ★★¾

Cash Flo vs Teddy King

Holy crap, Cash Flo is huge! I haven’t seen his work since the early 2000s but he’s gotten ‘swole’ over the years. This match was really fun to watch. It’s the kind of match that you’d expect from someone who has been wrestling over 20 years. It was simple and effective. It did go a bit longer than it needed to but it was a prime example of why less is more. I enjoyed it for what it was. ★★¾

Tyler Matrix vs Chris Silvio

This is the second time these two have met and after seeing this encounter, I definitely need to seek out the first. This is my second time seeing Tyler Matrix wrestle and I am even more impressed with him this time around. This is a name we have to keep our eyes on in the next few years. Definitely a breakout star waiting for his big break. This match is the reason why Under The Radar has its own section on this site. There’s so much happening in the world of wrestling that matches like these tend to get over looked. Watching this match felt like watching Punk/Hero from their early days. You just know that you are witnessing something special. There were a few minor slip ups here and there, but the passion and energy they bring overcompensates for it. The pacing was fantastic, as Silvio was able to slow things down without bringing the match to a halt. Matrix sold his leg injury really well and it’s not often you get to see such fundamentals employed in wrestling these days. Every time he landed a move, he went back to selling the leg. Likewise, Silvio went after the leg as a form of self defense. The ending was predictable but at the same time they added their own unique twist to it. It felt like a struggle and added a sense of realism to it. I adore this match and can’t wait for their third encounter- a 60 minute iron man match. An absolute gem. ★★★¾

No Disqualification: The Hooligans (Devon Cutter & Mason Cutter) vs The Carnies (Nick Iggy & Kerry Awful)

Iggy and Awful have come a long way from their I.O.U. days and I believe it was just a case of them finding the right gimmick. I enjoy their work as The Carnies a lot. The Hooligans are severely underrated and I’m happy to see them making more noise within recent times. Now, I believe PWF is a family-friendly show (despite the language on commentary at times) so this wasn’t a blood bath or anything like that. The weapons were tame for wrestling standards (some chairs and a table) and the action was far from violent. Still, this was fun to watch from beginning to end and it had a nice build to finish. If I were part of the live crowd, I would have gone home satisfied. ★★★

You can catch the replay of this event on Highspots Wrestling Network


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