Pushin Forward Back Review


The Kentucky Gentleman, Chuck Taylor once again challenges The Technical Wizard, Zack Sabre Jr. for the PWG World Title as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Pushin Forward Back. This event was held on July 7, 2017.

Sammy Guevara vs Rey Horus

Two PWG debuts in one match to kick things off. Lightning quick action from both men and neither failed to impress. Obviously, there was a heavy lucha influence in this match. The sequences were executed fluidly and there were some really convincing near falls throughout. It didn’t feel like they were just doing ‘flippy shit’ for no reason either. Everything felt like it was taking place within the confines of an athletic competition. It just so happened their definition of competition meant tope con hilos and 450 splashes. An incredible display of athleticism and agility from start to finish. A red-hot opener and fantastic match. ★★★¾

Unbreakbale F’n Machines vs The Young Bucks

I can’t think of any team better than The Young Bucks to bump and sell their ass off for the Machines. The Jackson brothers have a knack of making complete fools of themselves to garner a reaction from the crowd. This match wasn’t anything spectacular, but I don’t think they set out to put on a Match of the Year candidate. This was just entertaining to watch from start to finish as the Machines tossed the Bucks around. The Bucks, of course, had their moments when they were on the offense but the highlights were the Machines thwarting their efforts. Fun match. ★★★

Keith Lee vs Lio Rush vs Trent?

I honestly don’t know what to say about this match and I don’t mean that in a bad way. It’s just that this match had so much going on that it’s unfair to pick it apart. Like the previous bout, the main idea behind it was fun. Indeed, it was fun to watch. It was a bit lighthearted, but there were moments where it took a serious turn. There were some funny moments in here as well. It’s not ‘laugh-out-loud’ funny, but it’s the kind of comedy that makes you laugh because the spot was so clever. I enjoyed the hell out of this match on the first watch but I don’t think it warrants a re-watch nor do I think I would enjoy it anymore on a second or third watch. Still, in the moment, this was a very enjoyable match. ★★★

Sami Callihan vs Dave Crist vs Jake Crist vs Dezmond Xavier

Jason Cade and Shane Strickland couldn’t make the show, so this was thrown together last minute. The good thing about this match is that these four men know each other well. For a match that was put together at the very last minute, you would have never guessed that based on how fluid it was. Everything they did was so smooth and there were no hiccups. Given the names involved, it was exactly what you would expect. There was no wasted motion in this match. From the on-set it was fast-paced and hard hitting. What makes a random multi-man match enjoyable to me are smooth transitions and momentum stopping cut-offs to keep it engaging. This match wasn’t short on that, and like I said, it was all so smooth and crisp. It didn’t take itself too seriously but at the same time things were pretty damn serious.  The real star of this match, however, was Rick Knox. Awesome match for what it was. ★★★¼

Trevor Lee vs Ricochet

How is this a first time meeting? I will never know. Trevor Lee is a God when he’s playing up his annoying, cocky-shit heel shtick. This was a very good exhibition match with a solid structure. Trevor Lee dominated most of the match (in an annoying fashion) and Ricochet’s athletic ability made for some exciting comebacks. They kicked things into higher gear near the ending. I always like when you can tell when a match shifts gears. It just adds so much more to the drama. There were some really nice nearfalls as well. My only problem is the finish. It kinda fell flat but not to the point where it took away from my enjoyment. Very good match. ★★★½

PWG World Championship: Zack Sabre Jr. (c) vs Chuck Taylor

The only cocky-shit heel better than Trevor Lee is Zack Sabre Jr. I absolutely adore his character in PWG and quite frankly, I don’t think it would work anywhere else. I’m still not sure how he managed to turn the Reseda crowd against him, but he did and it’s a testimony to his God given abilities as a pro wrestler. Now on to the match. Where do I start? I could start with the fact that Chuck Taylor continues to prove why he is the most all-rounded wrestler on the scene today. He is no slouch on the mat and he really took it to ZSJ in the early parts of this match. I could talk about the pacing of this match which was fantastic. This match went about 30 minutes (maybe even more) and at no point did these two lose my interest. I could also talk about the beautiful piece of psychology employed in the final 10 minutes of this match. I don’t wanna spoil it, but let’s just say it involves a bottom rope. Never have I seen a crowd pop for a rope break like they did in this match. I could, or maybe I should, talk about the drama that unfolded in the final 5 minutes of this match. The final ten minutes is a blue print for psychology in a world title match. I was on the edge of my seat and, despite already knowing the results, it felt like this match could have gone either way. An incredible main event. ★★★★

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