Beyond Wrestling Far Beyond Wrestling Review


The main show of Beyond Wrestling’s Powerbomb TV iPPV debut event picked up right where the pre-game left off. Providing a mixture of comedy wrestling, scientific wrestling and intergender wrestling- there’s a little bit of something for everyone.

EYFBO vs Brandon Watts & Zenshi

I’m not a fan of Shynron’s new name (Zenshi) but as long as he wrestles the same way I’m happy, I guess. This was a fun opening bout to get the ball rolling. There wasn’t anything too memorable (mostly because there was so much going on) but there’s enough high spots and thrilling action to keep you entertained throughout. There was some controversy surrounding the finish and we could possibly see a feud between Watts and Zenshi. It should be interesting to see how that unfolds. Very good opener. ★★★½

Maxwell Jacon Freidman vs Josh Briggs

MJF is a future star in this business. He oozes charisma and has a certain demeanour about him that reminds me of Randy Orton circa 2004. He also knows how to take a beating and sell his ass off to make his opponent look good. That’s exactly what he did here. Even though the focal point of this match was Briggs getting over (and that he did), MJF had this viper-like approach that was cold and calculated. This match didn’t go long but this was a rock solid contest. Briggs was an absolute beast, MJF was ruthless and their styles meshed well. I would like to see these two face each other again. Very good work from both men. ★★★

Joey Ryan, Johnny Cockstrong & Massage NV vs Cam Zagami, Anthony Greene, Brick Mastone, and Mikey Webb

Where do I even start with this? Just looking at the names involved, I think you’d know what to expect. Joey Ryan’s dick tends to be the focal point of his matches and it can be hit or miss. Thankfully, there wasn’t a single miss in this match. Everything they did connected well and was done at the right time. There wasn’t a single moment that fell flat. I laughed my ass off throughout this entire match and this is a fine example of how awesome comedy wrestling is when done right. Over-the-top, ridiculous and highly entertaining match. ★★★

JT Dunn vs Martin Stone

This match was the kind of match that put Beyond Wrestling on the map. This was just straight-up professional wrestling. There’s nothing fancy or nothing pretty about it. The mat wrestling was gritty, the strikes were devastating and there was enough fighting spirit to keep your adrenaline pumping. These two men came into business and by the end of it they left it all in the squared-circle. As a fan of pro wrestling, you have to respect that.  If I had to find a fault, I would say that it was missing that one intangible that takes a match from ‘very good’ to ‘great’. Nonetheless, this was an absolute clinic and a hell of a match to end the first half. Highly recommended. ★★★¾

Doom Patrol vs Amityville Project

Obviously, this had the job of following the previous contest. It was just a little above the ten minute mark and for the most part the action was pretty solid. They kept it simple and while there wasn’t anything particularly memorable, the action was just enough to service the show and keep things going. ★★★

Jon Silver vs Brian Milonas

This was a fantastic David vs Goliath match. Jon Silver is a very underrated performer. He’s just a stocky, robust, compact ball of energy that can explode at anytime. He was a freaking lunatic in this match, charging at the bigger Milonas with everything he had. These two had great chemistry and they used the their size differences to tell an amazing story. Silver had to chop Milonas down and Milonas really made Silver work to get him down. Very compelling bout and I was quite surprised by how much I enjoyed this encounter. Exciting from start to finish. ★★★½

Team PAWG (Jordynne Grace & LuFisto) vs The Gentleman’s Club (Chuck Taylor & Orange Cassidy)

If I’m not mistaken, this is the first time Taylor and Lufisto have shared a ring in about nine years. This match was perfectly positioned before the main event. It was a light-hearted, yet serious match. The comedy antics of Taylor and Cassidy make then an entertaining duo and Lufisto and Grace are just two badass bitches. It started of the funny side but business picked up pretty quickly. There was a bit of dead air in the middle but it wasn’t anything too drawn-out to hurt the match. I had lots of fun watching this and enjoyed it for what it was. ★★★¼

AR Fox vs Joey Janela

First time meeting between these two daredevils and thank God this building didn’t have any ceilings or rafters for them to hang from. This is what you would expect from these two- lots of quick sequences with little down time. This was an even contest as the momentum went back and forth. Of course, despite not having anything for them to jump off, they still found ways to pull off some death-defying maneuvers. There were also some weapons near the end one of which included a door. The finish was insane and I legit popped for it. The back and forth approach may have took away from my engagement levels, but there was enough high points in this to quickly re-focus my attention on the match. A really strong end to the show. ★★★½

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