BAR Wrestling 4: Autumn In LA Review


BAR Wrestling’s fourth event, Autumn in LA, is a women’s showcase that boasts one of the best main events the company has produced thus far. This event was held on September 7, 2017.

Amazing Kong vs Taya Valkyrie

Despite all the hype during the introductions, the excitement quickly fizzled out once these two locked up. There were a few sloppy moments and it felt like they couldn’t  quite establish a rhythm. Eventually, they seemed to find their footing but then it quickly ended with a DQ finish. I’m not sure what happened here, but this was a mess and the finish left me confused. Not a great start at all. ½★

Chelsea Green & Ivy Quinn vs Katarina Leigh & Scarlett Bordeaux

This was a very solid tag team match with a simple structure and great character work from all four women. Leigh and Bordeaux worked a very compelling heat segment and Ivy Quinn played a great FIP. The simplicity of this match made it engaging, but at the same it worked against it as it never really got out of second gear. Still, I enjoyed it and the plot twist near the end added a nice touch. ★★★

Christina Von Erie vs Shotzi Blackheart

Mixed reactions towards this match. The first half was pretty good, but things started to go downhill by the second half. Shotzi’s inexperience can be easily forgiven, but her performance started to deteriorate near the end. The finish really hurt this match. It wasn’t convincing enough (it looked very weak) and I think even the crowd was confused. Could have been better. ★★

Heather Monroe vs Ruby Raze

Ruby Raze is an amazing worker. She knows how to use her size to her advantage and everything she does looks devastating. Heather Munroe is no slouch either and she really brought the fight to Raze. This was an exciting match with Raze establishing dominance from the onset. Things got heated when it spilled to the outside. It added some variety as they didn’t stick to one course for too long. They kept the audience engaged by changing the direction of the match. You were always left wondering what was their next move. Very good match. ★★★½

Brian Cage, Eli Drake, Hot Young Briley & Joey Ryan vs Ethan Carter III, JTG, Luchasaurus & X-Pac

Yes, this clusterfuck of a match actually happened and it was awesome. Of course, it’s exactly what you expect given the names involved. Over the top drama with lots of comedic routines in the form of dick jokes. This match had perhaps the greatest display of dick strength I have ever seen. It’s silly to even try to write a review for this match. Just enjoy it for what it is. Did I mention X-Pac was in it? ★★★

Candice Le Rae vs Tessa Blanchard

I know this is the only the fourth show, but these two could easily be in the conversation for best match in Bar Wrestling history. Time was against them and you could till they were trying to rush things up a bit, but that’s actually what made this a great match. The quick, back and forth pace added a sense of urgency to it. This was a highly competitive bout. The mat wrestling portions were crisp and both women delivered some very dastardly blows. I wish they were given more time, but they killed it such a short space of time. Definitely worth checking out. ★★★½

You can get this event on DVD or Blu Ray at

Also streaming at Highspots Wrestling Network

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