IWA-MS Ted Petty Invitational 2016 Review

tpi 2016.jpg

Boasting an incredible mixture of seasoned veterans, IWA-MS gatekeepers and up and coming local talent- the 2016 Ted Petty Invitational line-up provides enough variety to keep the action refreshing and entertaining.

First Round Match: Trik Davis vs Ace Perry

Trik Davis is no stranger to the TPI, having gone to the quarter finals of the 2006 edition. For someone who wrestles on a part-time basis, he is very smooth in the ring and has some really crisp mat wrestling abilities. This was actually his first match in five months, but you would never guess that. Ace Perry is a very talented youngster and Trik Davis was the right opponent for him. These two meshed pretty well and were able to string together a really compelling match. Trik got the upper hand in the opening exchanges, trash talking the younger Perry in the process. Perry was fired up throughout this match, coming off as the hungry youngster looking to make a name for himself. There were a few moments here and there that could have been tightened up (the ace crushers were a bit of an overkill), but overall this was a great start to the tournament. A very enjoyable match. ★★★¼

First Round Match: Corey Storm vs Jake Parnell

At just 15 years old, Corey Storm is the youngest competitor in the Ted Petty Invitational. Of course, being that young has its drawbacks. There were moments where Storm looked completely green and out of his element but that was to be expected. This was a solid effort from both men and Parnell did a great job putting over the youngster. Storm has a lot of potential. At 15, there’s a lot of room for growth and it’s hard to come down on him for anything at this stage in his career. This was a great opportunity for him. The action could have been smoother, but it is what it is. ★★

First Round Match: Shane Mercer vs Tripp Cassidy

This was a solid match. It didn’t go too long, but at the same time there really wasn’t anything memorable about it. Nothing really stood out about this match, but the action was fine and it at least kept the momentum of the show going. Tripp Cassidy has really come into his own as a worker and he’s been doing a great job over in CWF Mid Atlantic. He had a good showing in this match but ultimately it’s a very forgettable contest. ★★½

First Round Match: Rickey Shane Page vs Reed Bentley

This was a mixed bag. They started off with a fighting spirit sequence, trading some hard-hitting blows. Suddenly, RSP started doing some comedy stuff that never really quite got over with the exception of one spot. Even in that one spot, there was still something that felt a bit off as they couldn’t find the right balance between the comedy and the actual strike-off. Things picked up near the end and the final moments were exciting, but I’m not sure what effect RSP was going for with the silly moments. Still, I enjoyed this match while it lasted and the serious moments made it a solid match. ★★★

First Round Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs Zodiak

This was not good at all. These two never really seemed to clicked and there were a lot of awkward moments. It never felt like these two were on the same page at all, and there was a lot of dead air. I’m not sure what happened here, but this was tough to watch. ★

First Round Match: Sami Callihan vs Cole Radrick

In 2008, a 21 year old Sami Callihan went to the finals of the TPI. Cole Radrick was just 11 eleven years old at the time. I’m a stickler for statistics like that. This match was an absolute blast. It started off as the typical Sami Callihan sprint, but it felt like the match was every bit of Cole’s as it was Sami’s. This was an impressive showing for the 19 year old who proved that he can hang with the very best of them. The action was exciting when it was fast-paced and engaging when they slowed it down. The final minutes were really exciting and the shenanigans added a lot to the drama. Easily the best match of the tournament. ★★★¾

First Round Match: Jake Crist vs Joey Janela

For some strange reason, they were given less than 10 minutes for this match. They did a great job of packing as much action as they could, and they worked a lot around their time constraints. However, despite making the most out of their circumstance, the finish came when it felt like they were going to kick it into over drive. It just felt like they had so much more to offer. Still, this is one of the best matches of the tournament. ★★★¼

First Round Match: Chris Hero vs Jonathan Wolf

As a wrestling fan, matches like these are the reason why IWA-MS will always hold a special place in my heart. At one point, Chris Hero was just a local boy who Ian Rotten took a chance on. Fast forward 18 years later and Jonathan Wolf is that guy. Who knows how big the name Jonathan Wolf would be 18 years from now, but in 2016 this young kid got the opportunity of a life time to wrestle one of, if not, the very best in the world. This a great showing for Wolf who is deceptively agile. The match could have done with less time. There were times when it was plodding and felt like it was going nowhere. It felt like it went so long for the sake of going so long. Still, Wolf hung with Hero along every step of the way and there was a lot of heart and soul to his performance. A very good match with lots of emotion. The crowd was behind Wolf the entire time and this was a star making performance for him. ★★★½

Semi-Final Match: John Wayne Murdoch vs Cole Radrick vs Jake Crist vs Shane Mercer

Things were heated from the onset as brawled through the crowd to start this match. Radrick once again impresses in this match, diving off a balcony onto his opponents. It was the prettiest of dives, but it was one of the highlights of the match. Even when the match got under control it was exciting as well. The action was fast-paced, the spots were set up well, cool sequences and the unpredictable eliminations. This was a great match. There was never a dull moment and all four worked extremely hard to deliver a show stealing performance. ★★★¾

Semi-Final Match: Chris Hero vs Corey Storm vs Rickey Shane Page vs Trik Davis

I have mixed reactions towards this match. It started off well but it really dragged. The whole story of this match was the three experienced guys bullying the teenage Corey Storm. It was entertaining for the first five minutes, but it felt like a never ending story. Eventually Storm mounted some offense but he hasn’t quite developed his in-ring presence to really fire-up such a comeback. The eliminations weren’t particularly entertaining and there just was’t much excitement to it. Decent match for what they were going for. ★★½

Ted Petty Invitational 2016 Finals Match: Chris Hero vs John Wayne Murdoch

I wanted to like this match but I came out of it extremely disappointed. Like Hero’s previous encounters, this match went way too long. It dragged a lot and was a bit plodding at times. They never quite found their rhythm. There weren’t any well-strung sequences. Instead, it felt like they were just taking turns blocking each other’s moves until one person eventually hit theirs. There were a few high points here and there, but overall this was extremely underwhelming. ★★¾

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