Interview with Reggie Marley

I decided in 97 to “give it a try”. I was watching Nitro. They had a replay on Sunday afternoon. I think the match was Harlem Heat vs Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton. They panned the crowd and I saw some really good looking girls and said I am going to wrestle.

As a huge supporter of the Canadian independent wrestling scene, it was only a matter of time until I interviewed a Canadian pro wrestling. Who better to go to than Reggie Marley?

If you’re not familiar with Reggie Marley, he is a nineteen year pro.  Reggie has been a mainstay for Pure Wrestling Alliance- a promotion that featured the likes of Michael Elgin, Kevin Owens, Sara Del Rey and the list goes on and on. PWA has been a stomping ground for many Canadian wrestlers. To this day, they still book a lot of high profile matches. Check out this match between Mike Bailey and Josh Alexander from earlier this year.

I had learned a lot talking to Reggie. He didn’t just talk about his career, he shared a little bit of history with me as it relates to Canadian pro wrestling. He talked about how much the business has changed since he made his debut. What struck me the most was that, after nineteen years, Reggie never stops learning and still puts in as much work, if not more, than when he first started. I hope you enjoy reading this interview as much I did conducting it.

cropped-hub22.pngThank you Reggie for taking the time to do this interview. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

marleyFirst thanks for taking the time to interview me. Well I am a wrestler from Hamilton, Ontario Canada. I have been at this for quite some time now, and still loving every minute of it.

cropped-hub22.pngFor our readers who may not be aware of who you are, how long now have you been wrestling?

marleyI think it’s September ’99 or September ’98. I have to search to find out the exact date.


cropped-hub22.pngWow. Never thought it was possible to wrestle for so long that you can actually forget when you first started. How much has the Canadian indie scene changed from when you first started?

marleyThe biggest difference is the frequency of shows. Before maybe you were working once a month locally. Now you have several shows a day, Just in Ontario alone.

cropped-hub22.pngHow frequent were fly-ins when you first started? Nowadays, a lot of international wrestlers make their way to Canada. Was that happening as often back then?

marleyYou only really flew in ex-WWF guys for indy shows back then. Ontario was solely a WWF territory back in the day. Now due to the internet you are flying indy guys from all over.

cropped-hub22.pngVery interesting to know. So were you always a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

marleyI was a big time fan. my earliest memory was watching Maple Leaf Wrestling on channel 11 7pm on Saturday nights. They showed matches from Maple Leaf Gardens and always a name vs name main event.

cropped-hub22.png Can you remember the first match you saw?


marleyI wish I could but no. At that time also you could go to your local mom and pop convenient store and rent tapes from all over. Mostly best of WWF from the seventies so it all blends in together now (laughs)

cropped-hub22.png Wow. I didn’t even know such tapes existed! When did you decide to become a wrestler? Who or what was your inspiration?

marleyI decided in 97 to “give it a try”. I was watching Nitro. They had a replay on Sunday afternoon. I think the match was Harlem Heat vs Buff Bagwell and Scott Norton. They panned the crowd and I saw some really good looking girls and said I am going to wrestle.

cropped-hub22.png(Laughs) By far that is the best reason anyone has ever given me. And Harlem Heat vs Buff Bagaell and Scott Norton is the most 1997 match ever! So when did you decide to train? Who were you trained by? What was your training experience like? Was it as you expected?

marleyI was at my first WWF house show ever in Hamilton and guys were handing out flyers for an indy show thee next day. I went to that and there they had programs with a phone number to call if you wanted to become a wrestler. I called and it was that company that trained me. Renegade Wrestling Alliance. I had several trainers there but Hitman For Hire started me off and Jamie Jackson took the bulk of the training. Then Dane Jarris and Pete Parker really helped me out. I would say it was easy but at that time there was 3 of us who started at the same time. We pushed each other so training was pretty fun.

cropped-hub22.pngWhat did you learn from each of your trainers? I’m sure each of them would have had something unique to offer, right?

marleyHitman was grappling Jackson was moves and Dane and Parker were psychology. Basically that’s what i took from each of them.


cropped-hub22.png That’s a pretty holistic training experience you had. Now, you’ve wrestled primarily for Pure Wrestling Alliance. How instrumental were they in your development as a worker?

marley Until i started wrestling for pwa i was mainly a tag team worker and always a face. Once PWA came calling I was singles and turned heel. I was given a great opportunity to work with a good group of guys and learn as i went along.

cropped-hub22.png One of those opportunities you were given was to wrestle Steve Corino (twice I believe). You won one match, and lost the other if I’m not mistaken.How valuable of a learning experience was that? Were you satisfied with your performances in that match? Also, do you prefer working as a heel or a face?

marley The Corino weekend, I lost to him twice I do believe and that was one of the greatest experiences of my life. I respect that guy like no other. He is a true class act. For the time i did enjoy those matches. Just being around him listening i learned so much. I love being a heel. I always say, “somebody has to be the bad guy”.

cropped-hub22.png Indeed. Speaking of bad guys, you wrestled Tracy Smothers earlier this year. Was he shit talking heel Smothers or did he work as a babyface?

marley He worked as a baby face but he shit talked a few people in the crowd that were heckling him. It was awesome.


cropped-hub22.png I can imagine. I’m a huge fan of ‘old man’ Smothers’ work. It’s amazing how he gets so much heat using 1950s shit talking tactics. So now, I guess, at this point in your career, a lot of the newer guys would come to you for advice. What advice do you have for up and coming wrestlers? Especially those from Canada who are looking to broaden their horizons?

marley My whole thing for these guys is to train where you want to wrestle. Every “major” Fed has their own training, so go there. If you want to wrestle for ROH train there. If you want to wrestle in Japan go to the NJPW dojo.

cropped-hub22.pngThat’s a pretty obvious but, at the same time, not so obvious way of thinking. Is there anyone that wrestles mostly for PWA that you can see going far in the near future? Who would you put over to bookers?

marleyRight now the easy answer is Josh Alexander. The man is a star. Period. He wrestles all over but damn. Honestly I would put over Mike Hart. Son of Smith Hart. If he put on some size he would be money.

cropped-hub22.pngJosh Alexander is definitely a star. I was happy to see that he recovered from his neck injury a few years ago. A lot people may not even know that Smith Hart’s son wrestles for PWA. I think he needs to be seen in other places as well. Going back to Alexander, have you ever wrestled the Walking Weapon?I know you and Hart had your fair share of battles.

marley Not yet. I can see us locking up in the near future.


cropped-hub22.pngSo with that being said, that brings me to my final question. You recently won the Ontario title, what can we expect from Reggie Marley for the rest of 2017

marleyI want to keep on pushing and evolving so i can keep up with these young fellas.


cropped-hub22.png(Laughs) Well I think you’re doing a pretty good job of that already. Well, Reggie thank you so much for taking the time to talk me. It was a very informative conversation. Is there anything you’d like to plug? Closing comments?

marleyI am on instagram, facebook and twitter thanks to everyone for taking the time to read this and keep supporting indy wrestling!

cropped-hub22.pngWell there you have it folks. Once again Reggie, thank you so very much. I wish you all the best in your career as well as personal life.


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