BAR Wrestling 3: Bar of Hardcore Review


With a standing room only crowd and a unique line-up, BAR Wrestling is shaping up to be the Beyond of the SoCal scene. This event was held on August 17, 2014.

Scorpio Sky, Shotzi Blackheart & Super Panda vs Peter Avalon, Ray Rosas & Brody King

This was the typical opening indy sprint, but the personalities in this match made it feel unique. There were lots of entertaining moments in this match. The action was fluid and even when it slowed down, they still managed to keep it interesting. Really good opener. ★★★½

Pinkie Sanchez vs B-Boy

This match had so much potential, but I’m not sure what happened. I was really looking forward to this when I saw the card. It started off pretty well but just when they were about to kick it into a higher gear, things suddenly started to fall apart. The action felt plodding and there are two major botches that really hurt this match. Disappointing given the potential it had. ★★

The World’s Cutest Tag Team vs The Killer Baes

In my review of the last show, I expressed my dissatisfaction with Joey Ryan’s match. However, this match had the Joey Ryan I liked. The dick jokes were scaled down a lot, making them bearable. They were actually funny too. The Killer Baes really shined in this match as well. Overall, it was hilarious and entertaining. ★★★

Luchasaurus vs Trent

Match-ups like these are the reason why BAR Wrestling is winning me over. Where else would you see this? This was a pretty solid match. They were given a lot of time, maybe more than they needed. There were moments where it felt like it dragged, but there were enough exciting moments to keep you entertained. Trent is the master of fighting from underneath. His sense of pacing and timing is second to none. I enjoyed this match by the end of it, but it did feel like a long journey to get there. ★★★¼

Jeff Cobb & Willie Mack vs Matt Cross & Brian Cage

Absolute chaos in this match. Tag team wrestling and BAR Wrestling just go well together. Jeff Cobb and Willie Mack gelled at the first event, and they had an even better chemistry as a tag team. This match had a little bit of everything. There was wrestling, high flying and even a little humour. Really fun match. ★★★½

Hot Young Briley vs Tommy Dreamer

Last time baby Ziggler was in a ‘hardcore’ environment in BAR Wrestling, there weren’t much hardcore elements. This match was a significant improvement but there was way too much stalling for my liking at the beginning. Dreamer cut a damn near five minute promo half-way through the match! It’s a hardcore match so it’s bound to be entertaining, but the stalling really brought it down. If anything, it’s a fun main event for a promotion that doesn’t really seem to take itself too seriously. ★★½

You can get this event on DVD or Blu Ray at

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