BAR Wrestling 2: Independents Day


BAR Wrestling’s second event falls a couples notches below its inaugural event. However, the semi-main event and main event keeps the potential alive. This event was held on July 4, 2017.

The Killer Baes (Heather Monroe & Laura James) vs Taya Valkyrie & Luchasaurus

This was a pretty decent match. It didn’t really pack the excitement of an opening match, but there were enough entertaining moments to keep you interested. There were times where the action felt a bit plodding and it could have a bit shorter. However, there is a bit of comedy near the end to make the final minutes fun to watch. A bit of a rough start. ★★¾

Yoshitatsu vs Kikutaro

The fact that they booked this match could easily make BAR Wrestling my favourite promotion. I found that Yoshitatsu’s heat segment dragged a bit, and the match was a tad bit underwhelming for Kikutaro’s standards; however, there were enough funny moments to keep it entertaining. ★★¾

Shayna Baszler vs Hot Young Briley

This wasn’t really much of a match. It didn’t last long either but the finish would surprise you. N/R

Cody Rhodes & Joey Ryan vs PPRay (Peter Avalon & Ray Rosas)

This match went on way too long. Comedy wrestling seems to be the theme for the show. It was held on the Fourth of July, so it’s understandable why they took such a lighthearted approach. However, it began to feel like a bit of an overkill by the time this match came around. Like any Joey Ryan match, the focal point was his private region. Dick jokes can be funny, but only for so long. This match just wasn’t my cup of tea. ★

Brian Cage vs Kevin Kross

Holy crap, an actual wrestling match! This felt a breath of fresh air as they started off with some pretty slick chain wrestling. From the there, they work the usual back and forth fast-paced match. There were lots of unique sequences to keep the action unpredictable and exciting. The moments where the momentum shifted were well-timed. It never felt like they were just taking turns doing moves to each other. It felt organic whenever someone regained control. This was a really good match. ★★★½

Willie Mack & The Boone Collector (Johnny Mundo) vs Rocky Romero & Super Panda

I’m not familiar with this alter ego of John Morrisson, but I want to see more of it. This match absolutely rocked. The action was quick, but it was always engaging. You were always left wondering, “what’s next?”. Like the previous matches in the night, there was some comedy influence in this and it was just the right amount. It was well-positioned and it never felt like it overstayed its welcome. I don’t want to ruin it for those who haven’t seen it, but just how awesome is this match? Let’s just say it involves an illegal substance and a busted-open Rick Knox. Awesome main event. ★★★¾

You can get this event on DVD or Blu Ray at

Also streaming on demand at Highspots Wrestling Network

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