Interview with Savannah Evans

“Wrestling her would be on any female wrestlers bucket list and it was definitely an amazing opportunity to be able to wrestle her and test out what I have gained from wrestling so far…”

Where do I begin to introduce our next guest? Animal lover and ‘foodie’ can be used to describe her outside of the ring. However, in the world of professional wrestling, no other term defines her better than Queen of Combat.

Savannah Evans embodies women’s professional wrestling. When she’s not in the gym, she’s at the Highspots wrestling school perfecting her craft. A true student of the game, Savannah never stops learning. A three year pro, Savannah has made quite the splash on the indie scene having worked for promotions such as Queens of Combat, Valkyrie, and Northeast Wrestling. She made it to the quarter finals of the 2015 ChickFight Tournament and was a semi-finalist in the Queens of Combat Tag Team Title Tournament. Most recently, she made her debut for SHIMMER.

Savannah was very easy to talk. She came off as very humble and down to earth. Her passion for wrestling is matched by her drive to succeed. With just a few months left until the end of 2017, Savannah intends to make an even bigger impact in wrestling. With her dedication, determination and ‘no nonsense’ attitude, it’s only a matter of time until Savannah Evans is on everyone’s radar.

cropped-hub22.pngThanks for taking the time to do this interview, Savannah. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

SEOf course, thanks for allowing me the platform to have myself be heard. My name is Savannah Evans and I’ve been wrestling professionally for 3 years. I have a huge love of animals, always have. I worked at two separate dog daycares in the past so, during that time, that curbed my want or need for getting a dog of my own. but now that I no longer work there I have been dying to get a dog, but with my busy schedule it would be impossible and unfair to a dog. I might also be a foodie. Food is life. Over the years I’ve gotten into clean eating; earth grown nutrients etc. But I’m still just a fat kid at heart and love all types of food.

cropped-hub22.png If you could, what type of dog would you get?

SEMy first dog was a Shepherd mix so I will always have a place in my heart for German Shepherds but more important than breed for me is that I adopt from a shelter.

cropped-hub22.png How noble of you. I applaud that. Now you mentioned clean eating. How hard is it to maintain a clean diet when you’re on the road? Also, what is your favorite cheat meal?

SEAt the daycare we would joke about how all the employees were dog snobs because the majority of us were anti-breeders and had our beliefs about people that treat their dogs certain ways or had them trained certain ways. Maybe dog elitist was more of the word, but it was funny and a fun time. As far as cheat meals go I love Asian food and Mexican food. Sushi, pad Thai. Eating clean on the road has its challenges. I usually travel with a small cooler with ice packs and a couple meals. QT/Wawa/Sheetz are handy gas stations with made to order, customizable food options and great grab and go healthier snacks.

cropped-hub22.png Talk about total dedication to your health and fitness! So, were you always a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

SEI started watching wrestling when I was around 12. My dad had tried to get me to watch WWF with him a few times but I never caught on. On time while at my grandparents house my grandfather was watching WCW with my dad and uncles and I stopped to watch for bit. I remember Booker T and Disco Inferno. I started watching WWF shortly after and caught it every week. This was attitude era WWF and I loved The Rock and Stone Cold, much like every fan at the time.


 So, basically, Disco Inferno was the reason you got into wrestling?

SENot exactly. I just remember seeing him and Booker T on the episode. I didn’t stop and watch the entire episode. That’s just what I remember. What got me interested were the characters like The Rock and Austin. The super hero aspect sucked me in and the pyro, the stories,everything.

cropped-hub22.png That would have been crazy if Disco Inferno were the sole reason why you fell in love with wrestling. So, when did you decide that you wanted to become a wrestler? Who or what inspired you?

SE(Laughs) No,sorry if it came off sounding like that, it’s not what I meant. I think from the moment I got super into watching wrestling I thought of how cool it would be to wrestle. I always told myself I wanted to do it. And during college I looked up schools in the area and found Highspots. After graduation I started training and have been ever since. I wouldn’t say that she inspired my style of wrestling but when I was younger Lita was one who was into seeing at the time. I always enjoyed Rock’s wit and humor

cropped-hub22.png What was your training experience at the Highspots wrestling school like? Talk about the differences among the trainers. What did you learn from each of them? I believe the trainers there are George South, Caleb Konley and, at one point, Cedric Alexander right?

SEI train at Highspots every week. We currently have three nights of training: Tuesdays with George South, Wednesday with Caleb Konley and Thursdays with Jake Manning. George, of course, makes sure everyone has the basics down, and rightfully so. Everything builds off of a sound base and solid grasps of the fundamentals. Caleb works on conditioning and we have open ring to learn specific things. And Jake ensures that we tidy up all the little things. We do promo work and character development. Each classes provide you something different to learn. Cedric Alexander was an instructor here as well for about a year and he was good at bringing out the best side of someone during training and making sure that he got 100% effort out of us

cropped-hub22.png Sounds like an awesome training experience. Just out of curiosity, have you ever gotten to see what’s actually inside the Man Scout’s guidebook?

SENo way. That’s top secret and he guards it very closely. It seems to have a solution for every situation though

cropped-hub22.png It really does. I’d like to get my hands on it one day. So you’ve wrestled a lot for Queens of Combat. How instrumental was that promotion in your development as a worker?

SEI always love working for Queens of Combat. At the time that I started working for them it gave me a bigger stage to be seen on and to show people what I could do, mainly as a tag competitor but also as a single competitor a bit as well. It helped introduce the group Sexy Young Caramels to fans that hadn’t seen us before individually

cropped-hub22.png Speaking of the Sexy Young Caramels, you and Devyn Nicole wrestled the team of Leva Bates and Mia Yim for QOC this year at the tag team title tournament. How much did you learn from being in the ring with those two? What was that experience like?

SEYes it ended up being myself, Devyn Nicole and our other partner Aerial Monroe against Leva Bates cosplaying Homicide, Mia Yim as Eddie Kingston and Angel Rose as Low Ki. The fans enjoyed the match and it was a good one to test our strength as a trio team for sure. I think I speak for the rest of SYC when I say that we’d definitely love to wrestle them again

cropped-hub22.png Wow! That match sounds like an absolute blast. I’ve yet to see it, but now you make me want to see it even more! You also wrestled Cheerleader Melissa at SHIMMER 92. How stoked were you when you found out you were going to wrestle her? Were you satisfied with the way the match came out? Also, going back to the trios match, is it more difficult putting together a trios match than a standard tag team match?

SEYeah the match with cheerleader Melissa was such a surprise. It was my shimmer debut and I was told just before the show started that I would be making my debut so of course I was naturally super ecstatic to be involved in such a capacity at Shimmer. Wrestling her would be on any female wrestlers bucket list and it was definitely an amazing opportunity to be able to wrestle her and test out what I have gained from wrestling so far with someone such as Cheerleader Melissa who has been doing this successfully for so long and has picked up so much along the way and has a lot to offer.

The tag match that turned into a trios match was definitely special in its own right as well. We had just wrestled the fella twins earlier that night and we got passed them in the tournament and then we found out that the next team on the bracket was the Lucha sisters. So there was really no time at all to plan for that type of situation. We just had to test our ability to work together as tag team

cropped-hub22.png Have you ever wrestled a male wrestler before, excluding the Fella Twins?

SE Yes, I wrestled a few guys on shows before. A lot of the matches were early on when I was just starting out in wrestling.

cropped-hub22.png How are the guys with you in the ring? Do they tend to be rough?

SESome men are tougher than others. Just like some women are tougher than others.

cropped-hub22.png What are your thoughts on intergender wrestling?

SEI’m not opposed to it at all I just believe that there is a time and a place for it, much like with a lot of things in wrestling. The strategy is the same, your aim is to win, you just have to approach it in a different manner. Obviously I’m not going to be able to do some things with men that I can do with women. But I think the idea of men wrestling women is very subjective. A lot of crowds are mixed about it. But I find that in a lot of places, especially in the Midwest audiences are I believe more prone to accept an intergender match but it also depends on who the man is and who the woman is, it varies from case to case. An intergender tag is more acceptable in a lot of people’s eyes from what I’ve seen

cropped-hub22.png Well there has been a wave lately with intergender wrestling. It seems to be the ‘in thing’ right now. I definitely think as it becomes more commonplace, the novelty is wearing off. So you’re definitely right when you say there is a time and place. So now that you are a part of the SHIMMER roster, who are some of your dream opponents?

SEFor a while now a couple of my “dream” matches would be Lufisto. And Deonna Purrazzo. Outside of Shimmer I would also really love to mix it up with Thunder Rosa and La Rosa Negra

cropped-hub22.png Well hopefully someone out there books those matches as soon as possible. There has been an upsurge in women’s promotions over the years and there are lot more opportunities now than there were ten years ago. What advice do you have for aspiring female wrestlers, or even female newcomers?

SEMy advice is to always always always find a reputable school to train at. Do all your research and find out as much as you can about as many schools in your area as you can. Day one of training you will find out whether you want to do this or you don’t. And from that point on you never stop learning.

cropped-hub22.png And finally, what can we expect from Savannah Evans for the rest of 2017?

SEExpect Savannah Evans in 2017 to charge at everything headfirst. Being told no is not an acceptable answer. Waiting for an opportunity is no longer acceptable. I’m working hard to be better tomorrow than I was today and I look forward to every place that my ambition takes me.

cropped-hub22.png Well there we have it. That brings up to the end of this interview. Savannah, thank you for taking the time to do this- I know you were really busy. Is there anything you’d like to plug? Closing comments?

SEVery thankful for everyone that took the time to read the interview and get to learn a little more about me. You can keep tabs on my travels through wrestling on my social media accounts: savannahevs on Facebook and Instagram. SavannahEvansNV on twitter

cropped-hub22.png Once again, Savannah thank you so much. I truly appreciate it. I wish you all the best in your career as well as personal life.

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