wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Night Two Review


Though a bit longer to sit through, Night two of the 16 Carat Cup bests the first night in terms of match quality. Cody Rhodes has proven himself to be the MVP of the tournament thus far.

Jeff Cobb vs Donovan Dijak

Holy crap, I was not expecting this match to play out the way it did. This was an absolute hoss battle, if ever I had seen one. They took turns delivering some devastating blows and both men displayed their freakish strength by tossing each other around. The crowd was red hot for this, especially when they started throwing each other. Great start to the show. ★★★½

wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Quarter Final: Matt Riddle vs Mike Bailey

This was a rematch from the AMBITION tournament earlier in the night. Like Riddle’s performance the previous night, this was a sprint from start to finish. There were lots of convincing nearfalls and it never got tiring, but it felt like it was missing a little substance to make it really stand out. Still, these two went into battle, did what they had to do and got the hell out of there. The action is satisfying enough to push you through the next set of matches. ★★★¼

wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Quarter Final: Ilja Dragunov vs Timothy Thatcher

They started off hot and heavy displaying their tenacity as they absorbed each other blows. Eventually, Thatcher was able to ground Dragunov and the fire they lit at the start started to go out. Thatcher’s ground work went on a little too long for my liking. There were times where it was a bit disengaging and it started to drag. However, it did make for an exciting comeback from Dragunov. A solid match. ★★★

wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Quarter Final: WALTER vs Marius Al-Ani

This match was pretty one-sided for the majority of its duration as WALTER dominated Al-Ani. However, that’s not to say that it was dull or uninteresting. Al-Ani had to fight to survive in this match, and the little offense he got in was explosive. The structure made for a very compelling story with some exciting moments sprinkled in between to keep you engaged. ★★★¼

wXw 16 Carat Gold 2017 Quarter Final: Cody Rhodes vs Bad Bones John Klinger

Cody Rhodes has been on fire for this tournament. This is one of, if not, his best weekends since returning to the indies. This match would keep your eyes glued to your screen for its entirety. There was absolutely no wasted motion here. Everything they did made sense, and they were all little pieces of a bigger puzzle. There were some shenanigans I could have done without near the end, but the crowd was very much into it. The wXw crowd adores Cody Rhodes, and if they had no reason to before, then the past two nights certainly gave them enough reason to. Awesome match. ★★★¾

Koji Kanemoto vs Francis Kaspin

I took this match for what it was. This was just a nice opportunity for a young Francis Kaspin to be in the ring with a seasoned veteran. Kaspin probably wasn’t even born when Kanemoto made his debut, as the commentators pointed out. This match was pretty enjoyable and it was a good showing for the youngster. There were some nice exchanges of chain wrestling and the action flowed well. If anything, it serviced the show after that amazing Rhodes/Klinger match. Good match. ★★★

wXw Shotgun Championship: David Starr (c) vs. Absolute Andy vs. ACH vs. Paul London

This match existed purely for entertainment purposes. There were lots of comedy spots to keep the crowd satisfied. It was a nice change of pace from all the tournament action. I always appreciate it when guys service the show. Servicing the show doesn’t mean dumbing down your match, it just means not trying too hard to steal the show using the typical ‘big fight’ indie cliches. Very enjoyable match. ★★★

JT Dunn vs Robert Dreissker

This was a decent big man vs little man match. It lacked any real sense of importance (to be fair, it is a non-tournament match) but it felt like it mostly existed to protect Dreissker after his loss the previous night. They made the most out of it and Dunn had a good showing still. ★★¾

wXw Unified World Wrestling Championship: Axel Dieter Jr. (c)  vs Jurn Simmons

I felt like this went a bit longer than it needed to. They started off slow and built to a really nice pace, but the middle part of this match felt a bit plodding at times. There was enough heightened drama near the end to make for an exciting final minutes. Had they shaved off five minutes, it would have helped tighten up loose ends. Still, a very satisfying main event and title match. The last few minutes really brought it up. ★★★½

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