Interview with Joshua ‘REAL’ Cutshall


“My first experience with him was he watched one of my matches and I asked for his opinion and feedback afterwards on my heel work. He said I sucked. So then I said teach me how to get better and he started helping and teaching me and we became good friends ever since.”


If you’re not familiar with the name Joshua Cutshall, then you better start learning now. With his height and size (and of course, natural talent), Joshua ‘REAL’ Cutshall has the look that many major promotions go after. After talking with Joshua, I quickly realized that the ‘REAL’ moniker is not just a gimmick- it’s defines exactly who he is.

Joshua held no punches during this interview. He talked about the backstage politics that is rampant in the industry. More importantly, he shared his knowledge on how to survive the political minefield of pro wrestling. A nine year pro, Joshua Cutshall is becoming one of Premier Wrestling Xperience’s fastest rising stars. You definitely want to read his advice on making yourself marketable.

cropped-hub22.png Joshua, thank you for agreeing to this interview. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself. Outside of the ring, who is Joshua Cutshall?

jc Thank you for having me, I’m a pretty simple guy, I install high end glass shower stalls in million dollar homes for a second occupation. Then I go to the gym to prepare for the weekend of wrestling. I have a son that I love dearly and I hang out with my pet, Richard cheese the rat.

cropped-hub22.png What are the chances of us seeing Richard make his in-ring debut?

jc (Laughs) they are slim. I like to bring him to the merch tables but he’s really sensitive to loud noises and the sounds from bumping in the ring and the sound system would probably give him a heart attack.

cropped-hub22.png Well hopefully someone doesn’t take him home by accident. Were you a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

jc (Laughs) that will be their second mistake, if they take Richard. I have been a fan since a very young age. My earliest memory is finding a video tape where my grandparents taped the Rajin Cajin ppv with the Ricky steamboat and Ric flair 2 out of 3 falls match. I would take my wrestling toys and reenact the matches.

cropped-hub22.png Glad to know I’m not the only one that did that with their toys. So when did you decide to become a wrestler? Who or what inspired you?

jc Glad to know I wasn’t the only one too (laughs). I’ve wanted to since I first saw wrestling. I’d backyard wrestle as a kid and try to do all the moves. I have many inspirations in wrestling but my biggest influence an inspiration and favorite wrestler was Rowdy Roddy Piper. RIP

cropped-hub22.pngI have to ask. What was your backyard name?

jc I had so many. A lot of the times when I was real Young I’d just pretend to be the Real wrestlers. No pun intended. But as I got older I had many names and gimmicks, which all have been Incorporated into my gimmick today. But a few memorable backyard gimmicks I had was Cyclone Cutshall, Ghost, MVP ( yes I was the original MVP haha) and they list goes on.

cropped-hub22.png Those names sound pretty sweet. So when did you decide to move away from the backyard stuff and get properly trained? Who were you trained by and how was your training experience?

jc Thank you (laughs) I have millions. I decided to get properly trained when I found out just because I can do it in the backyard don’t make me a professional trainer. And the group of guys I was doing it with all decided to go to school. My training experience was fine. It was hard and I knew it would be so I didn’t complain. And I was trained by Chrisifix and James Drake.

cropped-hub22.png Current Evolve tag team champion, James Drake?

jc That very one. The real James Drake.

cropped-hub22.png What was James like as a trainer?

jcVery honest and knowledgeable. My first experience with him was he watched one of my matches and I asked for his opinion and feedback afterwards on my heel work. He said I sucked. So then I said teach me how to get better and he started helping and teaching me and we became good friends ever since.

cropped-hub22.png Well that speaks a lot to your willingness to learn. For our readers who may not be aware of who you are, what are some of the promotions you have worked for? How long have you been working?

jc I want to make it. I want to be a name in wrestling that you think of when you think wrestling. I’ve been working for about 9 almost 10 years now and I’ve worked in promotions such as PWX, AML, CWF, TCW, NCW, PCW, HVW, FMW, SWA, NWA SMOKEY MOUNTAIN, WVCW, AIWF, and the list keeps going and I plan to make it continue to grow.

cropped-hub22.png Well Joshua I definitely think you’re on the cusp of breaking out. You wrestled Trevor Lee for CWF for the title. Your thoughts on that match? Were you satisfied with the way it came out?

jc Thank you. Here’s hoping. (laughs). I did. I was honored, grateful and also shocked that I was put in that match and it was by far one of my best matches. I still feel I could have done way more in that match to really shine but I was nervous then and didn’t think I was ready. Which now I’ve learned is a good way to never be ready. Don’t doubt yourself. I would definitely like another chance to wrestle Trevor Lee and another chance to show him and everyone else what I can really do.

cropped-hub22.png Well hopefully some other promotion can make that happen. You made your PWX debut earlier this year. How did that come about and how excited were you?

jc Hopefully. I had a hand full of dark matches there, then finally got on the main card. It was a great experience for me being up there with my friends again. I ended up getting on top 5 moments of that show with my debut so that was very humbling and awesome experience. Speaking of, this Sunday I return to PWX to face none other than James Drake.

cropped-hub22.png Well I will definitely be watching that match once it is released. You mentioned that you have been wrestling for almost 10 years now. Why do you think it’s so hard for wrestlers to get noticed on the indies? How hard is it to get booked on shows? What advice do you have for people who want to get into wrestling or for those that have been wrestling for a long time, but can’t seem to find their footing?

jc Thank you. I think there are multiple reasons. First on, obviously, is there are so many of us on the Indies you have to really offer something different to the game to get noticed it’s a numbers game, another reason is politics. You can miss out on bookings just because you aren’t buddies or kiss up to certain people. Even if you had no idea the person didn’t like you. They would just have to tell the Booker not to book you because of so and so and there you go.

My advice would be to find something that sets you apart from everyone else something that makes you unique and really hone in on that. Like for me it’s my character and my facial expressions. I’m not just another generic wrestler doing every finisher they see in the ring. Anyone can learn the moves but you have to have that extra flare, if you will, to get noticed. Also don’t ever give up. I almost quit for good just for other reasons and now I’m playing catch up with the rest of the boys. Also stay true to yourself. Be friendly and talk to everyone in the back you don’t have to kiss up but talk, greet, and learn from every guy or girl in the locker room. like I say, People can get you un-booked just because they don’t like you or you were unsociable and stuck to your own corner in the locker room.

cropped-hub22.png Really sound advice. I hope our readers are paying attention. So now that you’ve found your footing in PWX, who are your dream opponents?

jc Well I’m having one this Sunday with James Drake. I also would like to get a shot at Anthony Henry for the PWX title. I do get to face him for PCW on the 26th but I want to face him for the PWX crowd too. Ethan case is up there too. And I really want to wrestle Martin Stone. I think PWX also needs Cutshall vs Tracer X.

cropped-hub22.png I’ve seen your series of matches with Tracer X online and I definitely agree. Those matches need to be seen on a wider scale. What can we expect from Joshua Cutshall for the remainder of 2017?

jc Thank you thank you. He’s super talented and I know he’s going to go far. As for me and 2017? Expect to see me many many more places, I’m planning on making it and if it’s not this year maybe next but everyone will know the name Cutshall very very soon.

cropped-hub22.png X-16 also has to be on your radar right?

jc Oh it’s on there. That’s why I plan on making a statement Sunday. X-16 and every tournament, promotion, champ champion, and town are all in my radar.

cropped-hub22.png Well Joshua, on that note we have come to the end of this interview. Is there anything you would like to plug? Closing comments?

jc Don’t forget to follow me on Facebook Joshua REAL Cutshall and like my fan page on there as well. Also on Twitter I’m @crazyREALity22 and Instagram I’m realjoshuacutshall. Spread the REALity to all your promoters. Tell them you want Cutshall vs their champion. Let’s give wrestling a big dose of REALity. And take care, all my REALISTS. SUPPORT INDY WRESTLING.

cropped-hub22.png Once again, Joshua thank you so much for taking the time to do this interview. It was a pleasure talking to you. I wish you all the best in your career. Good luck this Sunday!

jc Thank you for your interest and for helping support wrestling. Was a pleasure for me as well and thank you again.


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