Smash Wrestling Gold 2k17 Review


Wrestling’s Toughest Tournament returns as Smash Wrestling presents Gold 2k17. As always, Smash Wrestling provided another fun night of wrestling. This event was held on June 11, 2017.

Tarik vs Lio Rush

They started off evenly-matched, but Tarik was in control for most of this match. Tarik is such an underrated talent. He’s always interesting to watch when he’s dominating an opponent. The ending was a bit cheap, but then again it’s not surprising for Tarik’s character. Really good match and a great start to the tournament. ★★★½

Kevin Bennett vs Brent Banks

Two very underrated talents here as well. Kevin Bennett is a heat magnet, mostly because he looks like a complete douchebag. Brent Banks always delivers an entertaining match. This was pretty much Banks beating the hell out of Bennett which was fun to watch. Bennett, of course, would have his Entourage do all his dirty work for him to gain advantage. Another really good match. ★★★½

Sebastain Suave vs Greed

Two former tag team partners going at it. Suave tried to talk his way out the match, but Greed wasn’t falling for any of his tricks. This match was a war. It felt like they were trying to kill each other as the moves and spots got bigger and bigger. The finish kind of took away from the chaos that came before, but this was yet another very good match in a show that has been entertaining thus far. ★★★½

Mark Haskins vs Dalton Castle

I felt like this could have been better. There were some high points here and there, but for the most part it felt disconnected. It’s not a bad match, in fact it was still good. Maybe I just expected more, but there were moments where I was a bit disengaged. ★★★

Scotty O’Shea vs Evil Uno

Another match that was a bit underwhelming. The action was fine for the most part, but overall the match felt a bit lethargic. It dragged at times, but even when it picked up there was just an element of excitement that was missing. A decent match to end what has been a very enjoyable semi-finals. ★★¾

TDT vs Halal Beefcake

This match was a bit scattered in the beginning, but it became very engaging by the middle part. TDT worked a really good heat segment and Halal Beefcake, despite their goofy appearance, showed some really good fire in their comebacks. It went a bit longer than it probably needed, but the final minutes were fun. It took a while to get going, but once it did this match was an entertaining break from the tournament action. ★★¾

SMASH Wrestling Championship: Mike Rollins vs Braxton Sutter vs Tyson Dux

It would appear as if the Well Oiled Machine will be splitting up. This match was mostly them focusing on each other, rather than the fact that they have an opportunity to win the SMASH title. Rollins offered Sutter a present half way through the match (I believe this is what started their rivalry). It was kind of funny but it took away from the fact that this was a match for the biggest prize in Smash Wrestling. I get the story of what they going for, but it never felt like this was a title match. ★★

5 Man Elimination Gold Final

I’m a big fan of multi-man matches. They’re always fun because there’s always something going on. This match was the exact kind that I like. They spent a good deal of time on the outside, where it was just absolute chaos. Kevin Bennett was the highlight of this match with his tope con hilo off the stage. All the eliminations were fun and exciting, and the final moments were very dramatic. Great finals. ★★★¾

You can watch the replay of this event at Smash Wrestling On Demand


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