Interview with Anthony Henry

 “I was originally trained by a guy named Mike Ellison in Augusta. Turns out he was never an actual worker…just a ref.”

When I first started The Indy Hub, I had one goal in mind. Through the Interview series, I wanted to give young , up-and-coming talent a platform to gain exposure. when I created the Twitter account, I had no idea what to expect. I just started randomly clicking the ‘follow’ button, hoping to catch on. Within the first minute, I had already gained my first follower. I never thought that my first follower would have actually been a wrestler. Not just any wrestler, but Anthony Henry.

I first discovered Anthony Henry after watching last year’s Best of the Best tournament. At the time, I thought he was new on the scene and probably had about three years experience for the most. Needless to say, I was quite shocked when I found out that he had been working for over ten years!

It was only fitting that I interviewed Anthony as my second guest. I’ve always been fascinated by guys like Anthony Henry. How does someone so talented take so long to get their due recognition? This was a question that always baffled me. I reached out to Anthony and he was more than willing to talk to me. Anthony was very easy to talk to and was very open about his career in wrestling. He talked about not just his humble beginnings, but the mistakes he has made along the way. Anthony also took the time to give some advice on what it takes to get your name out there. If you’re new to wrestling or you have been working for a couple years, but can’t seem to make it out your home town- then this interview is a must-read!

cropped-hub22.pngHi Anthony. Thank you for  doing this interview. Tell our readers a little bit about yourself.

anthonyMy name is Anthony Henry. I am a pro wrestler living out of Augusta, GA. I am also a father, a soon to be husband, and a college student. I play video games, workout a lot, and watch a lot of nerdy stuff.

cropped-hub22.pngWow, that’s a lot. How hard is balancing college with wrestling? What is your field of study?

At this point, it is not that bad. I am near the end of completing my masters program in the field of Public Health.

cropped-hub22.pngWould you consider a career in Public Health over wrestling?

I take things as they come. Wrestling is moving in a positive direction, so we will see where it takes me. When the times comes I’ll do what is right for my family. I only have so long in this business, so we’ll make it count until my career is at its end.

cropped-hub22.pngWell I definitely think the future is bright for Anthony Henry in terms of wrestling. Were you a fan of wrestling growing up? If so, what is your earliest memory?

I was definitely a fan growing up. My earliest memories of wrestling was watching old NWA television with my father.

cropped-hub22.pngWho was your favorite wrestler growing up?

I had several favorites. My first favorite was Sting. Then it was RVD, and then it was Benoit and Guerrero. Shawn Michaels was also always a major favorite of mine.

cropped-hub22.pngI think HBK was everyone’s favorite. When did you decide to become a wrestler? Who or what inspired you?

I was backyard wrestling for quite a while. Probably since the age of 14 I was doing that stuff. Eventually I found a school in Augusta. From there it became an obsession.

cropped-hub22.png    Just out of curiosity, what was your backyard name?

Basically Anthony Henry, although I had the nickname of Awesome A at one point.

cropped-hub22.pngIt’s no GOD (Seth Rollins’ backyard name), but Awesome A is pretty neat. Who were you trained by? What was your training like? Was it more physical than you expected?

I was originally trained by a guy named Mike Ellison in Augusta. Turns out he was never an actual worker…just a ref. I learned how to bump and stuff but not much else. I basically retrained upon finding NWA Wildside. That was back in 2004. I was trained by Todd Sexton.Training was about what I expected.

cropped-hub22.pngAccording to, you were inactive between 2005 and 2007. Did you stop wrestling or were you just working smaller shows?

I stopped all together. I had some growing up to do. I couldn’t handle the backstage politics at the time and my attitude didn’t help matters. In my time away I began fighting.

cropped-hub22.pngWhat made you decide to return? How did your MMA training help when you came back?

It was actually through Sugar Dunkerton or Suge D. We live in the same town and we got it touch about riding together. I came along, was booked and never looked back. I think MMA certainly helps with things like footwork and, to some degree, psychology. You understand what a real fight would actually feel like, when athletes are trained at a high level.

cropped-hub22.pngWow. I never would have guessed Sugar Dunkerton was so instrumental in your career. You wrestled a lot for Anarchy Wrestling. How important were those opportunities to your development as a worker?

Anarchy was a great place for me. It was my first wrestling home. They had tv so I was able to work on selling to cameras and dealing with strict time limits.

cropped-hub22.pngThat must have been a great experience. Was wrestling full-time a goal back then? Were you wrestling full-time back then?

anthony Wrestling full-time has always been a goal. However, no I wasn’t wrestling full-time then.

cropped-hub22.pngWhich brings me to my next question. You’ve had a meteoric rise over the past two years. What led to your rise in popularity? How were you able to get your name out there? What advice do you have for wrestlers who have been working for a long time, but can’t seem to get wider recognition?

I began working for PWX, my home promotion in NC. They had faith in me and made me their guy. I had a series of matches with the best wrestlers in the world. I wrestled everyone from Tomasso Ciampa (multiple times) to Roderick Strong and Sami Callihan. The matches got a lot of attention and people realized I could go. From there, business picked up. Here lately, working with WWN has done a lot for me. It has helped me create buzz on a larger scale.

The advice I have for those looking to get more attention that have a lot of experience already is to make sure you travel as much as possible. Also, put work into yourself. Your image, character, and even move-set should help you stand out. You are your own brand, and you are selling it to promoters and fans. I wish I had been more serious a long time ago. I feel I could be way further than I am now.

cropped-hub22.pngWell I believe that nothing happens before its time. Your most recent accomplishment was winning the EVOLVE tag team titles with James Drake at Evolve 88. The crowd was on fire for that match and there was a huge ovation when you guys won. What does that feel like? What exactly is going through your head during the match as you hear the crowd come up?

For Drake and I, it was a big moment. The crowd’s emotion were genuine. It was a long time coming and something that meant the world to us. It was our chance to tell everyone who didn’t believe in us that we were gonna be successes.

cropped-hub22.png Two time CZW Best of the Best participant, 2016 PWX X-16 winner, current Evolve tag champion: Where does Anthony Henry go from here?


Evolve is the place I told myself I wanted to be by the end of the year. Now I’m here, so I want to have great performances and hang on to these tag titles. I just gotta keep moving upward and forward.

cropped-hub22.png Well there we have it. That brings us to the end of this interview. Is there anything you would like to plug? Closing comments?

Just check me out on social media to see where you can find me. My handle for virtually everything is @Antnyhenry. Other than that, if you haven’t hear of me or seen a match of mine yet. Check it out. Hopefully you enjoy it.

cropped-hub22.pngIf anyone hasn’t heard of you or seen your matches, they have been living under a rock. Anthony, once again, thank you so much for doing this. I wish you all the best in your career as well as your personal life.

Thank you very much. I appreciate it. To the fans: always appreciate the support!

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