Glory Pro Crowning Achievement Review


Glory Pro’s debut event shows a lot of promise for the company. This show was a tournament to crown the inaugural Crown Of Glory champion. The event was held on February 19, 2017.

Crown Of Glory Title Tournament Semi Final Match :Kobe Durst vs. Paco Gonzalez

There isn’t a crowd that doesn’t love Paco. Paco is the most underrated underdog (if that makes sense) in wrestling today. This was a very good opening match. They opted for a slower pace rather than the all-out sprint that most openers tend to be. Durst was always on top of Paco, making him have to dig down deep to fight back. Very compelling match. ★★★¼

Crown Of Glory Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Danny Adams vs. Ethan Page

This was a pretty decent match. They never got out of first gear, but there was never a dull moment. A few moments of awkwardness here and there, but nothing so obvious that it hurt the match. It was engaging, but it just never managed to really hit a peak. ★★¾

Crown Of Glory Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Curt Stallion vs. Shigehiro Irie

Irie is such a lovable character. He just looks like a big giant teddy bear, until he starts throwing people around. Stallion’s strikes looked a bit weak at times, so it took away from the believability of the match. There was nothing really memorable about it, but the finish did make the crowd pop. Another decent match. ★★¾

Crown Of Glory Title Tournament Semi Final Match: Everett Connors vs. Jason Kincaid

This may have been Connors first match and it really showed. However, this was still a good showing for him. We’ve come to expect some really innovative offense from Kincaid, but it was Connors who impressed with his rope-assisted piledriver. There were a few moments where Connors looked lost, but it was to be expected. Still, they managed to pull through and there were some fun moments in this match. ★★½

Davey Vega vs. Gary Jay vs. Jason Roberts vs. Mat Fitchett vs. Myron Reed vs. Space Monkey

This was a number one contender’s match, with the winner getting his title shot at the next show. Like most multi-men matches, there was a lot of fast-paced action with quick transitions. They moved from spot to spot smoothly which is what makes these matches so fun. Extremely fun match. ★★★½

Brandon Espinosa vs. Sean Orleans

Squash match. N/R

Jake Something vs Shane Sabre

This was my first time seeing Jake Something and he was really impressive. He was in control for most of the match, but it was always engaging and never felt like it dragged. Sabre also had some good comebacks. Overall, a really solid match. ★★★

PROGRESS Atlas Title Match: Matt Riddle (c) vs Michael Elgin

This was exactly what you would expect from these two. They started off with some chain wrestling with Elgin winning the early exchanges due to his power. The action was back and forth and neither man was in control for too long. This was a hard-hitting contest with high impact moves and exciting near falls. What more can you want? Worth checking out. ★★★½

Crown of Glory Title Tournament Final Four Way Match

This was a great end to the show. It started off a bit lighthearted, but they quickly amped  up the intensity. This was an absolute blast from start to finish. The order of eliminations will take you by surprise. The final moments were really exciting as the crowd became unglued from their seats. The nearfalls were heart-stopping and this match was just an adrenaline rush by the end. This was a roller-coaster ride of emotions which is exactly how a tournament finals should be. ★★★¾

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