THP Pizza King Of The Ring Review


Terry Harper Presents’ tongue-in-cheek titled event features this year’s most unique match-up, as Lio Rush faces Mexican legend, Super Crazy.  This event was held on June 13, 2017.

Kyle Maverick vs Tyler Matrix

This was my first time seeing these two and they really impressed. This was a nice change of pace from the typical opening indy sprint. They started of slow and picked the pace up as the match progressed. It never got out of second gear, but it was a very compelling contest. ★★★¼

$5 Battle Royal

I only watched this because I had to. $5 exists to purposefully provide the world with bad wrestling. The sad part is, the $5 roster actually thinks they’re putting on a good match. There’s a certain conviction to their sloppiness, botchery and unnatural movement. The commentary team made this more entertaining that it could have ever been. The final moments were amusing, but this was insufferable. ¼★

The Sandman vs Nick Depp

This was just Depp trying to talk his way out of the match, until Sandman hit a him few times with the cane and pinned him. N/R

Casket Match: Sage Sin vs Amazing Maria

Primarily a SoCal wrestler, Sage Sin has expanded her body of work across the midwest region for the past two years. She went to semi-finals in the 2015 Queen of the Deathmatch, and she recently won the ACW’s American Joshi Queen of Queens tournament this year. This match went longer than it needed to. Both women worked really hard, but the action was never really captivating enough. There were some high points here and there, but overall it just lacked a certain excitement given the stipulation. A decent match. ★★½

Tracy Smothers vs Leva Bates

It’s always fun having Tracy Smothers on a show. Unlike most wrestlers way past their prime, Smothers knows his limitations and, more importantly, how to work around them. He cut a really old-school promo before the match, ridiculing the fans, Leva Bates and the smart marks. This match was a lot of fun. Tracy has mastered the art of stalling without ever making it feel like he’s actually stalling. It would be silly to rate this. You just have to enjoy it for what it was.

Tables Match: Jake Garvin vs Calvin Tankman

This was actually a pretty decent hoss battle. There were a few minor slip-ups, but nothing too damaging. There were times when it was a bit lackluster, but it was really exciting whenever things picked up. I enjoyed it. ★★¾

Lio Rush vs Super Crazy

Here’s a match that I never thought I wanted to see, until I actually heard about it. Super Crazy was extremely motivated in this match. I’m not sure what his schedule is like these days, but he can still go. They started off with an exchange of some crisp mat wrestling. Things went in overdrive afterward as they started brawling through the crowd and trading strikes. There was never a dull moment. The action was always engaging as the momentum shifted back and forth. It never really managed to hit a peak, but it was thoroughly exciting. A novel match that is definitely worth checking out. ★★★½

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