BAR Wrestling Review


BAR Wrestling’s self-entitled debut event turned out to be a very exciting night of professional wrestling. With a strong undercard, a red-hot main event and an electric crowd- BAR Wrestling may very well be PWG’s baby brother.

Penta El Zero M vs Brian Cage

This match was worthy of being the main event, but it was the opening contest. It’s always fun watching Brian Cage get his shit in. This was the typical opening match- fast-paced action with high impact offense. It didn’t go too long, but it was a fun sprint. ★★¾

Scorpio Sky vs Eli Drake

It’s such a shame Scorpio Sky wrestles on a limited basis. He may not be putting on Match of the Year performances, but his matches are always engaging. This match had a sound structure and was well-paced. Scorpio has a knack for going left, when you think he’s going right. The action was never predictable or dull. Really good match. ★★★½

Taya Valkyrie vs Shayna Baszler

This match suffered from a lack of proper direction. They didn’t establish a proper story. Baszler kept going after Valkyrie’s leg, but she never cared to sell it. There was a lot of down time as well. There was many instances where it seemed as if they were just about to get a rhythm going, but then the momentum came to a halt. The action didn’t flow well at all. There were some exciting moments but it was far and few between. Very underwhelming. ★★½

Bar Room Brawl: Hot Young Briley vs EC3

This was the farthest thing from a bar room brawl. There was a very light-hearted tone to this match. I’ve never seen Briley before, but I assume he’s a comedy worker. The recurring gag involved shots to the private region. It was funny at first, but then they started to tell the same bad joke over and over for ten minutes. It got overbearing and it went way too long. This match really overstayed its welcome. ½★

Pinkie Sanchez vs Peter Avalon

These two are so similar, it’s amazing that this is a first-time encounter. I haven’t seen Peter Avalon since his days in Reseda, but he is now officially a man. This match was really enjoyable. Both men are known for their over-the-top mannerisms and selling which were on full-display here. This match, however, was not meant to be taken as a joke. They actually wrestled a very competitive match that was thoroughly engaging. A sleeper hit. ★★★½

World’s Cutest Tag Team vs Matt Cross & Ivelisse

There was nothing memorable about this match, but it did a job of satisfying the crowd. It was one of those matches where it was fun in the moment, but you forget everything afterward. It was also the funnier of the ‘dick’ jokes. An entertaining match. ★★★

Willie Mack vs Jeff Cobb

I’m not sure what the relationship is like between PWG and Willie Mack these days, but I don’t understand why they have never booked him since he got released from WWE. This match was just awesome. It’s not Match of the Year or anything close to it, but these two put on a clinic in the ring. The commentary summarized this match best. This was a “technical lucha libre hoss fight”. Definitely worth checking out. ★★★¾

You can get this event on DVD or Blu Ray at

Also streaming on demand at Highspots Wrestling Network

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