Smash Wrestling: Have Ring Will Wrestle Review


Kyle O’Reilly returns to Smash Wrestling for the first time in three years, as Have Ring Will Wrestle turns out to be one of this year’s most fun shows. Zack Sabre Jr. and Michael Elgin headlined. This show was held on May 14, 2017.

Six Man Scramble: Brent Banks vs Scotty O’Shea vs Vertigo vs Sebastian Suave vs Kevin Blackwood vs Buxx Belmar

This was an extremely hot opener. The match was contested under Royal Rumble rules, with a participant coming out every ninety seconds. The pacing of this match was fantastic. There were moments where the action was fast furious, and then moments where it mellowed out. The down-time never felt like it dragged. In fact, some of the most entertaining things occurred when the match slowed down. It’s hard to pinpoint one person as the standout competitor because everyone brought their ‘A game’. This was a fantastic start to the show. Very exciting match. ★★★¾

Well Oiled Machines vs Tabarnak De Team

Two very underrated tag teams on the scene today. This match was really enjoyable. It had a very good heat segment and St. Jacques was fiery on the comeback. The finishing stretch was really good as well. It was stuck in second gear, but overall this was a  really solid match. ★★★¼

KC Spinelli vs Vanessa Kraven

I’ve seen a few matches from both women, but not enough to really have an opinion on them. Spinelli plays a very old-school, ‘shit heel’ character. The type that talks a big game, and then ends up slipping on the ropes while entering the ring. Just brilliant old-school heel work you don’t see today. This was a pretty decent match but it kind of overstayed its welcome. Kraven is a big girl so seeing her toss around Spinelli was entertaining. Fun match for what it was. ★★¾

Kevin Bennett Experience vs Super Smash Bros.

Kevin Bennett is like The Miz of Smash Wrestling. You just want to punch him whenever you see him. I dig his character work a lot in Smash. His partner was Frankie The Mobster, who was introduced as “Bennett’s bitch”. It’s funny seeing a muscled freak like Frankie acting submissive towards a douche like Bennett. As for the match itself, it existed mostly to set up a feud between Bennett and Frankie. There’s nothing particularly memorable about it, but the Super Smash Bros beating the crap out of Bennett was entertaining. It wasn’t long, but it was fun while it lasted. ★★★

Smash Wrestling Championship: Tyson Dux vs Greed

Tyson Dux may very well be the Godfather -of Canadian wrestling scene. How is this guy not under contract with WWE, I’ll never know. To WWE’s credit, they at least gave him due recognition in the Cruserweight Classic last year. This match was a total slug fest. They traded a lot of blows, and countered with some powerful moves. This match worked really well because Dux wrestled the match to suit Greed’s style. There weren’t any head lock take overs or wristlocks. This was just two brutes going at it. It never managed to peak any higher than it did, but this match was a very compelling contest. ★★★½

Tarik vs Kyle O’Reilly

Tarik is criminally underrated and should be getting bookings on a bigger scale. He’s very competent at chain wrestling and I don’t see why he shouldn’t be in a stable like Catch Point. This was one of O’Reilly first matches since returning from his sabbatical earlier this year. O’Reilly dominated most of the match,making Tarik have to work extra hard to get any offense in. It’s not that he was trying to bury Tarik, he was just pushing him really hard. The end result was a very competitive match. I personally would have liked to see Tarik get his heel shtick in, but this was perfectly fine. Tarik looked legit in this match as he was able to hang with one of the very best in the world today. Very good match. ★★★½

Michael Elgin vs Zack Sabre Jr.

Michael Elgin has been a workhorse this year. I don’t think he has had a bad match all year. This match was just another great match in a long line of great matches for Elgin. The pacing of this match made it really exciting. The started off slow and as the match progressed, they upped the speed and intensity. The final moments were filled with hard-hitting back and forth action and dramatic nearfalls. A great main event. ★★★¾

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