Joey Janela’s Spring Break Review


After a failed GoFundMe campaign, Game Changer Wrestler made Joey Janela’s dream, of wrestling Marty Jannetty, a reality. For one night, GCW gave Joey Janela the book- a decision that could put Janela in contention for the title of Booker of the Year. Joey Janela’s Spring Break was not just the most fun show of the Wrestlemania weekend, it’s one of the best shows this year.

Sami Callihan vs Kyle The Beast

This was a fantastic opening match that set the tone for the rest of the night. It was your typical Sami Callihan sprint, but it was Kyle The Beast who really shined in this match. The indie scene is so over-saturated that a lot of talented wrestlers fly under the radar. Kyle The Beast proved why he should have been on everyone’s radar, just as long as Sami Callihan has. An explosive start to the show. ★★★¾

Penelope Ford & Andy Williams vs Braxton Sutter & Allie

I’ve seen Andy Williams’ work in Smash Wrestling, and it’s not much to write home about. However, on this night, he brought his working boots. This match was wild from the get-go. The intergender rules were in full effect from the onset, as the men took out the women and started slugging it out. As if it couldn’t get any more wild, this match introduced the first of many doors for the night. Doors are the greatest thing to happen to wrestling within the last ten years. The women really brought it as well with lots of chest-busting chops. Very exciting match. ★★★½

Matt Tremont vs Eddie Kingston

This was just an old-school, Puerto Rican style brawl (with doors!). It was violent, bloody and downright nasty. There was nothing pretty or fancy about it. It was just two men massacring each other. Some may not like it, but it added even more variety to an already outrageous card. Good match. ★★★

Spring Break Clusterfuck

WARNING: This match is not for everyone. If you prefer realism and a more traditional approach to wrestling, then skip this match. However, if you appreciate creativity, innovation and entertainment, then this match is for you. This match resembled the Legends battle royal that PWG did some years ago. It went well over the thirty minute mark, but at no point did it ever feel like it overstayed its welcome. They’re too many competitors to list, but some of the names in this battle royal were: Jon Silver, Ethan Page, Veda Scott and The Invisible Man, who gets better every time I see him. The only thing that ruined this match was the ending. I get that Jimmy Lloyd is the new sensation of the East Coast, but he comes off as a total mark just wanting to hurt himself for his fifteen seconds. Well, he got them and it really brought down the humorous tone of this match. Lloyd is one match away from a Mike Levy incident. ★★★

Lio Rush vs Keith Lee

This was probably the only match that resembled an actual wrestling match. It was a pretty solid big man vs little man match, but it felt a bit out of place. This show had already established itself as an event that was not meant to be taken seriously. So to see actual selling, pacing and storytelling felt a bit weird. Still, on its own, this match was really good.  ★★★¼

Joey Janela vs Marty Jannetty

The reason for this entire show. If you went into this expecting wristlocks, headlocks, and workrate, then you clearly forgot that Marty Jannetty is 57 years old. This match was not about any of that. This was simply a spectacle. Words cannot describe how awesome this match was. Marty Jannetty did not half-ass anything. Marty wrestled Janela with as much enthusiasm as he did Shawn Michaels on RAW back in 1993. He even did a freaking Canadian Destroyer! It’s matches like these that make Wrestlemania weekend so much fun. It’s matches like these that make pro wrestling the greatest form of entertainment. This could have been so bad, but it ended up being a show-stealer. Hats off to both men for making this work. Five stars for the entire experience. I don’t think it’s fair to put a rating to this. It just wouldn’t do it justice. (Maybe ★★★¾?)

Dan Severn vs Matt Riddle

Having this go on last was a great choice. I don’t think this show would have felt the same if Janela/Jannetty main evented. This match was a shoot-style match that could have taken place on WXW’s Ambition tournament. Riddle held nothing back, as Savern’s skin was badly discolored from open palm strikes. Like the previous match, to witness this match was to witness the second coming. It was just unbelievable to think, that in 2017, Matt Riddle vs Dan Severn was actually happening before your eyes. Was Riddle even in high school when Severn dominated the UFC? Another match that you can’t put a rating to, but this was really good. Severn can still go. (Maybe ★★★¼?)

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