CZW Evilution Review


Now under the booking of Sami Callihan, Evilution will be remembered as the event that ushered in a new era in the Combat Zone. This event was held on July 8, 2017.

Rickey Shane Page vs Mr. Claxton

Conor Claxton came straight from his day job, as he wore and three piece suit in this match. No longer shall he be called by his first name, from now on he shall be addressed as Mr. Claxton. Since losing the finals at TOD, Claxton has decided to go back to basics and actually wrestle. I’m not sure what happened over the past few years, but Claxton appears to have lost a few steps. His grappling and submission work was really sloppy. This was not the Conor Claxton from Dojo Wars. This match was at half-speed, and there wasn’t really anything interesting about it. Very dull opener. ★½

Private Party vs The REP

The Dub Boys now go by The REP. Their change in attitude is very much welcomed. They injected a lot more personality in this match. Perhaps a heel turn is what they needed all this time. It’s interesting to see where they go from here. This was a decent match that really existed to establish The REP as heels. It didn’t go too long, but it was fun while it lasted. ★★½

Anthony Bennett vs Ace Ausitn Shakespeare vs Alexander James vs Kit Osbourne vs Tim Donst vs Devon Moore

Devon Moore should not have been in this match. He clearly had not recovered from this ankle injury at TOD, and it was very uncomfortable seeing him limp throughout the match and take bumps. This match was just filler to get Tim Donst’s “two” shtick over. There’s nothing memorable about it, but it was enjoyable for its duration. ★★★

Doors Match: The Awakening vs MASADA & Storm of Entrails

This was just six men destroying each other’s bodies with the greatest weapon in wrestling ever- doors! It was just fun to witness the carnage. The ring was filled with lots of broken doors by the end of it. Fun match, if you’re into this type of wrestling. ★★★

CZW Wired Titled: MJF (c) vs Trevor Lee

This is one of Trevor Lee’s best performances for the year, and probably the performance of MJF’s life. This was a very simple but effective match, with MJF working over the arm of Trevor Lee. Every time Lee would try to mount a comeback, MJF would always go back to the arm. Lee sold the injury pretty well and it made for some compelling action. A very good match that never really got out of second gear, but was still engaging and exciting. Great performance by both men. ★★★½

Ace Romero vs AR Fox

This was not good. They had a hard time establishing a rhythm. There wasn’t anything engaging about it, as the action was really spotty. There were some moves here and here, but the in between stuff really dragged. They went from point A to C, without ever telling you how they got to B.  There were just doing moves with no real sense of direction. Very low point in the show. ★

Scarlet & Graves & Trey Miguel vs Dave Crist, Jake Crist & Sami Callihan

A passing of the torch moment. This match was a really good spotfest type tag-match. It was a fun sprint, but it never managed to really hit a peak. There was also some down-time that hurt it a bit, but overall this was fun to watch. ★★★¼

CZW World Championship & DEFY Championship: Davey Richards (c) vs Lio Rush vs Joe Gacy vs Shane Strickland

Davey Richards shocked the world when he beat Lio Rush for the CZW World title at  a non-CZW event. Lio Rush came into this seeking revenge, but the unfinished business between him and Gacy added a unique touch to this match. It started off really hot, but it quickly lost steam. It wasn’t a bad match by any means; the competitors just weren’t able to keep up the momentum going, so much so that there was a delayed pop for the finish. Slightly average main event. ★★★

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