EVOLVE 91 Review


After an underwhelming show the previous night, EVOLVE 91 surpasses expectations by putting on a Show of the Year contender. This event was held on August 12, 2017.

ACH vs Ethan Page

This was a really good comedy match. They parodied some of the generic indy stuff that sometimes make no sense, and there were some really absurd moments in this match. The Troll Boyz more than made up for their abysmal performance the previous night. This match may not be for everyone, but it was for me. A very entertaining and humorous start to the show. ★★★

Timothy Thatcher vs Darby Allin

This was a very compelling match. Thatcher actually played up to the crowd and it was refreshing to see him actually engage the audience. Darby Allin was great as the underdog fighter and the final moments were really exciting. A very good match. ★★★½

EVOLVE Tag Team Championship: Anthony Henry & James Drake (c) vs Jason Kincaid & Fred Yehi

This match was definitely the sleeper hit of the night. It was an absolute sprint. The action was non-stop filled with lightning fast sequences, momentum shifting cut-offs and heart-stopping kickouts. The crowd was in a frenzy the entire time. Really exciting match. Excellent work from all four men. ★★★¾

Mark Haskins vs Austin Theory

Another solid match on a show that has delivered thus far. Theory did a much better job of being in control than the previous night. The match was well-paced, making everything they did engaging. There were some really nice back and forth sequences near the end. They never quite got out of second gear, but this was perfectly fine. ★★★½

Chris Dickinson & Jaka vs TK Cooper & Travis Banks

This was slightly below the tag match that went on earlier, but it was still a really good match. The middle portion was a bit dull, and the match felt longer than it really was. Still, there was some great action in this, and the final moments were very exciting. An enjoyable bout. ★★★½

WWN Title Fatal Four Way: Champion Matt Riddle vs. Keith Lee vs. Tracy Williams vs. WALTER

What a main event this was. This is what a championship match should look and feel like. This was four men fighting to win the biggest prize in the company. All four men came into this guns blazing. The strikes were brutal, the moves were devastating, and there wasn’t any room to breathe on a pinfall attempt. One had to ensure that the other three men were down before attempting a pin, otherwise it would have just been broken up. If one man landed a knockout blow, the others were on standby to capitalize on it. They worked the stipulation really well into the match. This wasn’t the multi-man filler type match where the emphasis is on sequences. This was four men beating the living daylights out of each other. An absolute war that should be in the discussion for Match of the Year. Awesome match. ★★★★½

You can catch the replay of EVOLVE 91 at FlowSlam Sports

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