EVOLVE 90 Review


Lio Rush makes his final appearance for EVOLVE before heading to WWE, as EVOLVE Wrestling presents show number 90. This event was held on August 11, 2017.

ACH & Ethan Page vs Jaka & Chris Dickinson

Page and ACH were hilarious in the opening moments. However, their act started to wear out pretty thin. They constantly tried to get their comedy act over, and it became very annoying. Dickinson and Jaka tried to work a more serious match, but they eventually started to go along with the comedy shtick. This match went longer than it needed to. Not a good start at all. ★

Darby Allin vs Craig Mitchell

This match was just under five minutes, and it was fun while it lasted. Mitchell looked really good in his debut and is quite agile for his size. The finishing stretch was enjoyable. Good match for what it was. ★★½

Austin Theory vs Jason Kincaid

These two didn’t mesh well. There were some nice sequences at the start, but everything felt too contrived. Kincaid has a unique moveset, but none if it was placed at the right time. Theory didn’t do much for me in this match either. There wasn’t any significant heat to what he was doing. The match just didn’t flow well and it started to drag. ★★

EVOLVE Tag Team Championships: Anthony Henry & James Drake (c) vs Tracy Williams and Rory Gulak

This was a solid tag team match, but it never got out of first gear. It could have also done with five minutes shaved off. There were some near falls at the end that just fell flat. Not a bad match, but nothing particularly memorable either. ★★★

Keith Lee vs Timothy Thatcher

Thatcher has really fallen from grace. At one point, he was legit one of the best in the world. However, he failed to evolve (no pun intended) his style over the last few years and he remained stagnant. This match was a back and forth hard-hitting contest, but the initial spark they created just never caught fire. The longer this match went, the duller it got. The finish was extremely flat. This match just lacked any sort of excitement. ★★

PROGRESS Atlas Championship: WALTER (c) vs Fred Yehi

These two had a very good match. They kept it simple, which is probably why it worked so well. It was a battle of speed vs power and it made for compelling viewing. The closing minutes were exciting as the action went back and forth. The crowd was really into this by the end. Really good match. ★★★½

Matt Riddle vs Lio Rush

This match was a blast from start to finish. Riddle dominated for the majority of it, but it never felt like it was dragging on. Everything he did was engaging; Riddle wastes no motion in the ring. Rush’s comebacks were well-timed and fiery hot. There was never a dull moment in this, despite Riddle having so many control segments. Really good main event with some exciting near falls. Not the best of send-offs, but as a final match fans should be pleased with this. ★★★½

You can catch the replay of EVOLVE 90 on FloSlam Sports

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