AAW The Chaos Theory (2017) Review

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Ray Fenix challenges for AAW World Heavyweight Championship for the second time, as AAW presents The Chaos Theory. This event was held on March 4.

The Besties In The World vs Scarlet & Graves

This was a fun opening match. The Besties In The World are a gem of a tag-team. Davey Vega is the ying to Fitchett’s yang. They pull-off their babyface/heel dynamic so well. It’s really tough to have one partner as a heel and the other as a face, but these two make it work. Wentz & Xavier are natural babyfaces and their double team offense is explosive. There’s a lot of fast-paced, high flying action in this. Nothing is memorable or worth a second watch, but it was quite enjoyable while it lasted. ★★★¼

Samantha Heights vs Jessicka Havok

Another really enjoyable match. The size difference made this match really compelling. Samantha Heights really expanded her horizons in 2016, and with performances like these, it’s not hard to see why. There were a few slips up, but nothing too bad that it hurt the match. This was one of the best performances I have seen from Havok in a long time. A great showing from both women. ★★★

Ethan Page vs Krugar

I sang Krugar’s praises in my review for End Of Innocence. Unfortunately, I can’t find one redeemable quality about his performance here. Krugar no-sold three chair shots to the back, and an unprotected shot to the head at the start of this match. So why would one boot to the face, using the exact same chair, suddenly put him down? Apart from that, this match really dragged. They started spamming moves near the end to give it an epic feel, but nothing before indicated that this match was going to be epic. A very disjointed match. ★★¼

PACO & Ace Perry vs Louis Lyndon & Stephen Wolf vs Zero Gravity

I’m really glad to see that PACO and Perry are becoming a permanent team. I believe they can help each other get to the next level. This match was a lot of fun. It was essentially a spot fest, but that’s really the key to making these random matches entertaining. The transitions were smooth and the action was non-stop. There’s nothing to complain about here. They were stuck in first gear so that’s why I can’t go higher, but this was a completely fine match. ★★★

AR Fox vs JT Dunn

AAW debut for Pro Wrestling’s Last Saviour. These two are no strangers to each other. The problem with matches like these, where guys are so comfortable with each other, is that it tends to feel like they are going just going through the motions. Fox did this moveset and then JT Dunn did his. They went a bit into overkill near the end with a bunch of head-dropping. They tried to make this match feel more epic than it really was. This was just your standard indy match. It’s not a bad match, but it’s nothing particularly great either. ★★★

Brubaker vs Arik Cannon

These two didn’t click at all. It was mostly back and forth, but it just wasn’t compelling enough to get invested in. They couldn’t establish a rhythm, and they didn’t string together anything impressive enough to garner a reaction. If LaSalle is Brubaker’s town, as he so claims, then LaSalle is starved for good wrestling. The match went six minutes but felt like twelve. Easily skippable. ★½

Buck Nasty & Kody Rice vs Mike Hartenbower & Space Monkey

What a complete waste of a Space Monkey booking. Then again, Space Monkey was the only redeeming factor in this match. Buck Nasty takes some sick bumps, so he’s always entertaining to watch in that regard. This match went on much longer than it needed. To its credit, it did get a bit exciting near the end but I’d be lying if I said anything was interesting about this. ★★¾

Dezmond Xavier vs ACH

If you’re going to do comedy, then you better do it right. Thankfully, they did and it made the first few minutes quite entertaining. As for the actual wrestling, it’s exactly what you would expect from these two- a highly competitive, athletic contest. The only real problem is that it never felt like Xavier had an actual chance of winning. Fun while it lasted, but nothing really stood out. ★★★

Ray Fenix vs Sami Callihan

This match was just under the ten minute mark. They made the most out of every minute. Fenix took to the air before the match even started, diving onto Sami Callihan as he came through the curtain. This was a sprint of a contest. They traded a lot of strikes, as well as some devastating moves. There were some really close near falls that heightened the drama of the match. This match proved that main events don’t get to go over twenty minutes to be great. This was an absolute blast to watch. ★★★½

You can get this event on Blu Ray at Highspots.com

DVD and Blu Ray version also available at SmartMarkVideo

Also streaming at AAW On Demand


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