CZW Sacrifices Review


Zack Sabre Jr. returns to the Combat Zone for the first time in six years to take on David Starr. Lio Rush challenges Joe Gacy for the CZW World Championship. Joey Janela and Matt Tremont pay the ultimate price inside the steel cage, as CZW presents Sacrifices. This event was held on May 13, 2017.

Private Party vs Dub Boys

This was a fine opener. It was an impressive showing for the Private Party who are extremely underutilized on the indies. Would love to see them take on the Young Bucks one day. The Dub Boys have worked hard to secure a spot on the main show, but they are missing that one intangible quality that will catapult them to the next level. It didn’t last long and it was fun while it lasted. ★★½

CZW Wired Championship: Johnny Yuma (c) vs MJF (Maxwell Jacob Friedman)

This was a decent match. Johnny Yuma is a completely different athlete from his early days in Reseda. There were some cool sequences with believable nearfalls but it stayed stuck in second gear. Good match, but nothing too memorable. ★★¾

Zack Sabre Jr vs David Starr

The last time Zack Sabre Jr. was in the Combat Zone, it was for Best of the Best 10. That was six years ago. Sabre has since then gone on to become the Best In the World. David Starr has really stepped his game up since his European excursions. Not surprisingly, this was an awesome match. There was a sense of urgency to everything they did. The wrestling was crisp and it looked like a competition. The strikes were deadly and submission attempts were made out of desperation. Easily match of the night so far. A lower-tier Match of the Year candidate. ★★★★

Shane Strickland vs Sami Callihan

This match was a mixed bag. It was a very fast-paced, back and forth encounter. At one point, it felt like they were trading moves. The match started to drag at the halfway mark but it eventually picked back up. It was ok, but it could have benefited from a more cohesive structure. ★★½

Dan O’Hare & Shlak vs G-Raver & Stockade

This wasn’t much of a match. It was all to set up MASADA’s return. He announced that he will be facing Shlak at Tournament of Death. Okay…

CZW Championship: Joe Gacy (c) vs Lio Rush

This match was an absolute war. Joe Gacy is criminally underrated, and this match proves why the man deserves to be the champion. It’s not often that you get to see Lio Rush in this kind of environment, but he adapts so well. This match was the definition of a fight. You could sense the hatred that these two men have for each other. The use of weapons was simple but effective. There weren’t any big elaborate set-ups. This was just two men trying to punish each other. A trash can lid to the head, a broom stick to the back, a chain wrapped around the neck- nothing fancy, but everything they did made you cringe. The finishing stretch was extremely hot, exciting and unpredictable. An amazing match. ★★★★

Cage Match: Joey Janela vs Matt Tremont

This match was essentially a scaled down Cage of Death. Like the previous match, the weapons were used to great effect. However, unlike the previous match, they pulled out some pretty big stops. However, it wasn’t all flash, no substance. Sure, the spots involving weapons were a bit elaborate, but they sold everything they did. There were some shenanigans near the end that really didn’t add anything to this match. Still, it wasn’t enough to really bring it down. All in all, this was a good main event with lots of sick bumps. What more can you want from a CZW main event? ★★★½

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