AAW End of Innocence Review

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AAW returns to LaSalle for the second time this year.  Former WWE Superstar, Adam Rose makes his debut. AR Fox wrestles Pentagon Jr. in a dream match, and Sami Callihans defends the Big Mother F’N Belt against Kongo Kong. This event was held on February 4th.

Stephen Wolf vs David Starr vs Marion Fontaine vs Arik Cannon

Not the best of openers. The match was only seven minutes and they didn’t establish a rhythm until about the fourth minute. It was just lacking the quick-paced frenzy that makes these four way matches super fun. ★★¼

Zicky Dice vs Mike Hartenbower

With names like these, I’m surprised these guys aren’t getting bookings across the U.S. That was sarcasm, in case you were wondering. This was a Black & Brave Wrestling School showcase, and as the previous graduates have demonstrated, this school has nothing to showcase. ★

Jessica Havoc & Allysin Kay vs Samantha Heights & Candice Le Rae

This was a pretty decent match. They kept it simple and the action was engaging at all times. Everyone came out looking good in this. It wasn’t long enough to be considered anything more than “just okay”. ★★¾

Ace Perry & PACO vs The Besties In the World

The AAW crowd loves PACO, and I don’t blame them. How can you not? That goofy grin he has on his face, you can tell he’s just happy to even be in a wrestling ring. Ace Perry needs to be on everyone’s radar and I don’t know why he isn’t getting bigger bookings. This match was the first really good match of the night. Fitchett and Vega have such an amazing chemistry together. They are the workhorses of AAW. They can get a good match out of anyone. Really solid match with a good FIP segment. PACO and Perry had a really good showing. ★★★¼

Krugar vs Zema Ion

AAW debut for the former Adam Rose.The middle part of this match was a bit dull and it felt like it had peaked five minutes before the actual finish. However, things really picked up near the end. They more than compensated for drawn-out parts. The finish was very climatic. These two really brought it and Krugar went all out to impress the La Salle crowd. Thankfully, his efforts paid off as the crowd chanted, “Please come back!”. ★★★½

Oi4K vs Zachary Wentz & Dezmond Xavier

The classic tale of Student(s) vs Teacher(s). This match was just non-stop action from beginning to the end. There was never a dull moment. There was always something going on. The sequences were smooth and there were lots of counters to keep this exciting. Really fun sprint. ★★★½

AAW Heritage Championship: ACH (c) vs Trevor Lee

Trevor Lee in AAW is much more relaxed than anywhere else. He uses more of a comedy act, and sometimes it can take away from the match. ACH is also known to have a little fun in the ring. This match served as a break from chaotic pace of the previous encounter, but at times it just felt a little bit overbearing. The comedy was just mildly entertaining. Luckily, they busted out the high artillery offense but it felt like they were just going through the motions. It also dragged a lot and the finish fell a bit flat as well. ★★

Connor Braxton, Kody Rice, & Buck Nasty vs. Nick Brubaker, CJ Esparza, & Brett Gakiya

Looking at this match on paper, I’d be lying if I said I had any interest in seeing this. This match ended up being a lot more fun that it had any right to be. Putting everything Kody Rice did aside, there wasn’t really a dull moment in this. I think Conor Braxton has shown a lot of improvement lately. The best thing he ever did was drop the hoverboad shtick. There is some potential for him, but he still hasn’t found his footing. Fun match, only ruined by bad comedy in the beginning. ★★½

AR Fox vs Penta El Zero Miedo

This match was insane.  It took a while to get going, but once it did it was just balls to the wall action. By the time this match finished, these two had fought a war.  It did start to go into over kill territory, but the finish topped every spot that came before. The spots kept getting bigger and bigger, with the biggest sport being saved for last. Really fun match. ★★★½

Sami Callihan vs Kongo Kong

This was a blast to watch. Kongo Kong works well with just about anyone and Sami Callihan was a perfect opponent for him. Sami’s matches tend to be very fast-paced and hard-hitting. Sometimes, this approach feels redundant. However, because of the size difference, it worked well in this instance. Sami tried to knock Kong off his feet but he wouldn’t budge. Kong’s strength allows him to easily block Callihan’s aerial attempts, but his agility allows him to inflict further damage. It’s scary to see a guy the size of Kongo Kong taking to the air. This match was a really wild brawl that never slowed down. In AAW, it’s rare to see a brawl that doesn’t feel drawn-out. No wasted motion in this match. Everything mattered. A great main event. ★★★¾

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