Best Of C*4 Volume 1


Capital City Championship Combat (C*4) is one of Canada’s top wrestling promotions. The Best Of C*4 Volume 1 highlights some of the best matches the company had to offer between 2008 and 2013. If you’re looking to get into this promotion, then this three disc set is a great place to start. This compilation features some of the best indy wrestlers in the world such as Michael Elgin, Kevin Steen and Mike Bailey.


This first disc takes a while to get going as the first three matches are “just okay”. However, the standout match on this disc is the tag match between the Super Smash Brothers and Kevin Steen & El Generico. This was a superb encounter that felt like it belonged in a promotion like PWG. This disc ends really well as the remaining matches range from “good” to “really good, but nothing comes close to topping the aforementioned tag team match. A decent introduction to the promotion.

Individual Match Ratings:

Super Smash Brothers vs BLK OUT ★★¾
Viking vs Kenny The Bastard ★★½
Twiggy vs Larry Sweeney ★★¼
Super Smash Brothers vs Kevin Steen & El Generico ★★★★
J. Rennals vs Tyler Logan ★★★
Sara Del Rey vs Misty Haven ★★¾
Kevin Steen vs Sonjay Dutt ★★★¼
J. Rennalls vs Sabian vs Michael Elgin vs Stupefied ★★★½
Michael Elgin vs Manabu Soya ★★★¼
Kevin Steen vs Tyson Dux ★★★½


This disc may have well been called The Best of ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey. Not only is he featured in the most matches, but his matches are the absolute best on this compilation thus far. The very first match on this disc involves Mike Bailey and Kevin Steen. To witness this match, is to witness the attempted murder of Bailey. This match was brutal. Bailey also wrestled El Generico in what could be considered the best match in C*4 history. Definitely worth going out of your way to see. This disc is exactly what you would expect in a ‘Best Of’ compilation.

Individual Match Ratings:

Kevin Steen vs Mike Bailey ★★★¾
Player Uno vs Brodie Lee ★★¾ (Too short to go higher)
Mike Bailey vs El Generico ★★★★½
Brodie Lee vs Michael Elgin ★★★¼
Kevin Steen & Mike Bailey vs The American Wolves ★★★¾
Adam Cole vs Matthew St. Jacques ★★★¼
Kevin Steen vs Josh Alexander vs Michael Elgin ★★★
Eddie Kingston vs Mike Bailey ★★★¼


The final disc does not have the highs of the second, but it’s still a good showcase for the promotion. Mike Bailey and Josh Alexander impress a lot on this disc. The highlight, however, has to be the Fans Bring the Keyboards match between ‘Speedball’ Mike Bailey and ‘Hacker’ Scotty O’Shea. This match was a unique concept and both men held nothing back. The end result was a ring full of keyboards, completely broken in half. There were keys flying all over as they got hit with it. This disc also ends with a pretty fun tag team scramble match. A fun conclusion to well put together set.

Individual Match Ratings:

Player Uno vs Sebastian Suave ★★¾
Josh Alexander vs Buxx Belmar vs Jagger Miles vs Alex Vega ★★★½
Josh Alexander vs Stu Grayson ★★★½
Mike Bailey vs Michael Elgin ★★★¼
Fans Bring The Keyboards: Mike Bailey vs Scotty O’Shea ★★★★
Super Smash Bros vs The Afterparty ★★★½
Jaka vs Matt Tremont ★★★
Tag Team Championship Open ★★★½

Final thoughts: Like most Best Of sets, you get a mixture of some really good to great matches. You also get some matches that make you wonder, “Is this really the best this company has to offer?”. Luckily, they’re all on Disc One and don’t take up too much time. Steen & Generico vs Super Smash Bros., the Generico/Bailey match and the Keyboards match are must-see. Disc two is fantastic and makes it a must-have for Mike Bailey fans. Overall, you can’t go wrong with this compilation.

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