CZW celebrates 18 years of ultraviolence in an event that saw Matt Riddle and DDT star, Shigehiro Irie, make their debuts in the Combat Zone. This event was held on February 11, 2017.

Shane Strickland vs Jake Crist

This was a serviceable opener. There was a lot of back and forth fast-paced action to keep the crowd energized, but the match lacked any real depth to make it memorable. A fun match while it lasted, but there isn’t anything noteworthy to talk about. ★★¾

Tim Donst vs Tony Deppen

This was a squash. Deppen got absolutely no offense in. This match only lasted two seconds, making it the shortest match in CZW history. N/R

Greg Excellent & Chrissy Rivera vs Homicide & Mercedes Martinez

Oh God. Why? Despite being structurally sound, this match just wasn’t captivating enough for anyone to care. The crowd didn’t seem interested at all. Does anyone remember when Homicide used to actually wrestle? Skip this match. ★

Ricky Shane Page vs Dave Crist

Finally a match with some promise! Things started off pretty heated with a wild brawl.  Dave Crist introduced a chair to the match and took a pretty nasty landing on it.This match was going really well and then it just ended out of nowhere. Such a shame. ★★

Maxwell Jacob Feinstein vs Billy Danvers

Another squash match, oh boy! This one is just longer and way less interesting. ½★

Progress Atlas Title vs. WXW Shotgun Title: Matt Riddle vs David Starr

It took almost an hour, but we finally got a match that was notable. David Starr has become a completely different athlete since wrestling for WXW in Germany. Matt Riddle was just born to wrestle. This was a solid match. The grappling looked competitive and the strikes had impact. The only thing that brought this match down was the overbooked shenanigans near the end. Otherwise, a really good title match. ★★★

CZW World Heavyweight Title: Joe Gacy (c) vs Shigehiro Irie

Irie has made the most out of his U.S. tour, wrestling the likes of Chris Hero, Colt Cabana and Michael Elgin. This match was yet another impressive showing for him. These two had really good chemistry and the action was engaging at all times. It never got out of second gear, but the finish stretching was hot and the match peaked at the right time. Easily match of the night thus far. ★★★¼

CZW Tag Team Titles: Scarlet & Graves vs EYFO

Going in, I was expecting lots of flips from the Rockstar Pro guys but they did a complete 180 and worked a really old-school style tag-team match. There were moments where they impressed with their crazy athletic abilities, but Xavier and Wentz have a really good grasp on tag-team wrestling. EYFBO, of course, are no strangers to tag team wrestling and can work with just about anyone. This was a really good match but, once again, silly booking decisions brought it down a little. ★★★¼

CZW Wired Title: Joey Janela (c) vs Stockade

This match was really short, but they crammed as much carnage as they could without it feeling over-done. Stockade is one of, if not, the most underrated big man workers on the indies today. His agility is impressive for his size and he’s a good worker. I see no reason why Stockade shouldn’t being occupying a spot like, say, Matt Tremont on the indies. A short but exciting match without enough hardcore spots to make you cringe. ★★★

Fans Bring The Weapons: Notorious Inc vs The Nation of Intoxication

This feud has been going on for two years and not once has it ever been interesting. This feud has done nothing but kill Claxton’s buzz. In the Combat Zone he’s nothing more than ‘deathmatch guy’, which is disappointing given his technical displays in Beyond and Dojo Wars. The match itself is nothing more than all four men just walking around and stumbling into the spots. There was always a spot being set up, so it kept the action engaging but at the same time it amounted to a bunch of nothingness. A fun car crash to watch but that’s about it. ★★½


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