Man on the Silver Mountain


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The Leaders of the New School continue to wreak havoc as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Man On The Silver Mountain. This event was held on June 16.

Trevor Lee vs Chuck Taylor

A fun start to the show, although the match seemed at bit directionless in the beginning. Not sure why Chuck Taylor had been relegated to ‘a nothing’ match after having quite an impressive year. The finish was fun but this match really didn’t serve much purpose. ★★½

Dezmond Xavier vs Jason Cade vs Jake Crist

This match made absolutely no sense. There was no meaning to or reasoning behind anything they did. At one point, all three men were just taking turns performing the exact same dive on each other. It was a neat little spot to pop the crowd, but then they repeated the idea two or three times. It really overstayed its welcome. It was fun for the live crowd but for the DVD market, this match was just frustrating to watch. Skip this match. ½★

Keith Lee vs Lio Rush

Lio Rush has a hard time finding his footing in PWG. He plays up to the crowd way too much, and at the wrong times. The way this match played off made it seem like these two weren’t on the same page at all. Keith Lee was going for the typical David vs Goliath match, but Rush had other ideas. Every single one of Rush’s comebacks involved some attempt to be funny. It just felt way too forced. The spots themselves weren’t bad, they were just poorly executed. Comedy just isn’t Lio Rush’s thing. ★★¼

War Machine vs Unbreakable F’N Machines

The war of the machines. This match started off with a big hoss fight that spilled to the outside quickly. It would have been nice if they continued along that path but overall this was a pretty solid match. Both teams managed to get their shit without going into overkill territory. The F’N Machines have chemistry with just about anyone they work with. A very enjoyable match. ★★★¼

Sami Callihan vs Matt Sydal

Like Lee/Taylor, this match felt like it didn’t serve much purpose on the show. However,it was a fun sprint. They didn’t get much time, but they made use of every minute they had. The action was fast-paced, and the momentum shifted back forth without going into overkill territory.  It was fun while it lasted, but there just isn’t any replay value to it. ★★¾

Trent vs Jeff Cobb

Every time I see Trent wrestle, I’m reminded of how inept the WWE is at recognizing star potential. How could they have let this guy go?. Did the higher-ups not pay attention to his series of matches with Curt Hawkins on Superstars? Trent’s ability to play the face in peril makes his matches so compelling.

This was a really good match with excellent pacing. Trent just knows when and how to make a comeback. His selling is always consistent and it heightens the drama of the match. Jeff Cobb was great in this too, playing the big guy role to a tee. Easily the match of the night thus far. ★★★¾

LDRS vs ReDragon

Once again, Zabre and Scurll put on clinic. This is how a tag team match is done. LDRS work so well as a team. The match doesn’t feel like two separate single matches. Zack and Marty are always working together, preventing O’Reilly and Fish from tagging in. Lots of fire from O’Reilly and Fish was a good FIP. This is tag team psychology 101. It’s not often that you get to see tag team matches like this. A fantastic main event. ★★★★

main event

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