Under The Radar #2: Christian Rose vs Danny Cannon

Once again, IWA Mid-South proudly presents the latest installment in our Under The Radar Series. The event is titled Thunder After Thunder and it took place on April 13, 2014. The event was marked by one of Drake Younger’s final matches on the independents. While Younger wrestled a hard-fought contest before heading to the WWE, two young upstarts went to war in a match that should have had the internet buzzing.

Christian Rose is a strange case. At one point, he was working some of the biggest names in independent wrestling. Primarily known for his work in DREAMWAVE, Christian Rose has been in the ring with Trent, Johnny Gargano and Michael Elgin. He even wrestled AJ Styles in one of Styles’ first matches since being released from TNA. He is a two time DREAMWAVE World Champion.

Somewhere along the way, Christian Rose got lost in the shuffle. He’s spent the last two years working for the local scene in his area. When AAW took over DREAMWAVE in December last year, Rose lost one of the last few places for him to gain exposure to a wider audience. It’s interesting to note that Rose wrestled for AAW back in 2013. However, after losing to Marek Brave (of all people) in a Loser Leaves Town match, Rose has never returned to AAW,

Danny Cannon is an even stranger case. Nothing about this guy is known, except for the fact that he is retired. Why? Again, no one knows! His social media accounts have been inactive since his retirement. Like Christian Rose, he has wrestled primarily for DREAMWAVE where has faced the likes AR Fox and Rich Swann. He has also wrestled Michael Elgin for IWA-MS. You can check out his retirement match against Mike Bailey here

Well, that pretty much covers everything you need to know about these two. Let’s get on with the match. As previously mentioned, Christian Rose is a strange dude. Danny Cannon is also a strange dude. So it should be no coincidence that these two are no strangers to each other….*ba dum tiss*. They have wrestled before in their local area, including a match for IWA Unlimited.

Like 99% of wrestling matches, they started with actual wrestling. The commentator mentions that Danny Cannon has a background MMA, so now we know a little bit more about him. Danny Cannon is David in stature but Goliath in offense. Cannon has a devastating arsenal of kicks. He is also a very proficient on the mat. Christian Rose wanted no part of Cannon’s MMA-based offense, delivering a big boot to stop Cannon in tracks.

Cannon’s nose was a bloodied mess. It was hard to determine the cause of it, but it could have been one of Rose’s big boots. The real turning point came when Cannon missed a shooting star onto the floor.

Danny Cannon SSP

Christian Rose would immediately take advantage of this situation, throwing Cannon into the ring post.

Christian Rose tosses Cannon

Rose would go on to work Cannon for a few minutes. Cannon began to mount a comeback with some off with his signature kicks. Cannon has a unique offense as he likes to make use of his environment.

Danny Cannon huricanrana

You have to appreciate the effort they put into this match. They pulled out all stops to deliver a match worthy of being in a high-profile promotion. This is the kind of match you’d expect to see in a promotion like PWG. The action was high-risk with an even higher reward.

Danny Cannon dive

The last few moments were a struggle as Danny Cannon refused to relinquish a modified sleeper hold. Christian Rose held on with everything he had as the 15 minute time limit expired.


Had the match ended like this, it would have been a perfectly acceptable finish. However, neither man wanted it to end like that. The crowd didn’t want to see it end like that either, and so the match went into over-time for five minutes.

They wasted no time as they went for quick pinfalls and high impact moves. Neither man was willing to go down. This was an all out war. Eventually, they had no choice but to stay down. With approximately three minutes to spare, an exchange of strikes completely drained their reserves.


Christian Rose may have fallen from grace and Danny Cannon may have fallen off the face of the Earth, but this match will forever live on. It’s such a shame Cannon retired. Who knows how far he would have reached by now? It’s an even bigger shame that this match wasn’t on everyone’s radar after it happened. Their efforts, however, have not gone in vain as our the Under The Radar series ensures that this match is given its due recognition. A fantastic match that deserved to be on a bigger platform. ★★★¾

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