Head Like A Cole

pwg head

Adam Cole bids farewell to the Reseda crowd as Pro Wrestling Guerrilla presents Head Like A Cole. This event was taped on May 19.

Trevor Lee vs Keith Lee

Like most PWG matches, this one started off with some humour but it didn’t overstay its welcome. This was a solid match. Trevor Lee was his usual annoying self and Keith Lee was just a brute. They worked at a sensible pace, keeping the action engaging at all times. The “get your shit in” mentality that often plagues PWG opening matches was absent. A nice change of pace from the traditional formula. ★★★¼

The Chosen Bros vs ReDragon

Another solid match between two very talented teams. They stuck to their babyface routine, opting to work a more competitive-based style. No illegal tactics in this one. There wasn’t a clear FIP segment or hot tag. Instead, the tags served to change the dynamic of the match. Like O’Reilly/Elgin from the previous show, the match didn’t have that ‘my turn, your turn’ feel that so many back and forth matches have. A very competitive bout. ★★★½

Shane Strickland vs Michael Elgin

Shane Strickland made up for his uneventful debut in this match. Michael Elgin was able to slow him down considerably. As a result, Strickland’s high-flying maneuvers stood out. Every spot was built to well. There was a sense of desperation and urgency in Strickland’s comebacks. He came out looking really strong. A slight botch hurt it a little. ★★★¼

Sami Callihan vs Adam Cole

Four years ago, Adam Cole wrestled Sami Callihan in what was Callihan’s last PWG match before heading to the WWE. It was only fitting that Sami would return the favour as Cole (reportedly) heads to the black and yellow brand. 

From the sound of the bell, both men began trading super kicks. It wouldn’t take long for things to get nasty.

Sami dive

This match felt like a time travel trip to the year 2013. Sami Callihan worked his ass off and this is the best he has been since returning to the indies. Adam Cole injected a lot of his early Mount Rushmore personality in the match. The crowd was electric for the entire match and was invested in everything they did. Cole completely no selling the leg brought the match down, but overall this was a nice conclusion to a rivalry that first started seven years ago. ★★★½

Lio Rush vs Mark Haskins

Really good match with Haskins controlling a significant portion of it. Haskins does a good job of staying on Rush. Rush’s selling is much better than his previous PWG bouts, but he has a tendency to play up to the crowd too much. It can be distracting at times. It did drag a little bit coming towards the end, but luckily they took it home before it good too plodding. ★★★½

PWG World Tag Team Championship: The Lucha Brothers (c) vs The Young Bucks

Before the match started, Nick Jackson requested that the match be changed to a Texas Tornado Spotfest. How can you not love these guys? A Texas Tornado Spotfest is exactly what we got.


This match suffered a lot from ‘my turn, your turn’ syndrome. The Bucks are masters at concealing the move-trading nature of their matches, but it stuck out like a sore thumb in this match. I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t entertained, but more substance is needed when the titles are on the line. Otherwise, there just isn’t any believability to the near falls. A fun spotfest but an underwhelming title defense. ★★★

PWG World Championship: Zack Sabre Jr (c) vs Trent

These two had a great match in AAW at the Windy City Classic last year. Trent has mastered the art of fighting from underneath. Zack just continues to be a complete douche bag. These two are the perfect combination for a compelling main event.

This match was amazing. Trent’s selling was fantastic; everyone needs to learn from him. At no point did he forgo the sell to pander to the crowd or to get his next big move in. This match was a struggle for him to get through and his body language told the story. There were also a ton of exciting nearfalls and a finish that peaked at the right time. You can’t ask for a better main event that this. ★★★★

Trent piledriver

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